Kinetica Partners

An ecosystem of companies building on GPU-accelerated analytics


Kinetica has teamed up with the top hardware vendors worldwide to ensure our customers can easily utilize Kinetica's GPU acceleration.

Learn more about our hardware partnerships and recommended hardware configurations:

Cloud Hosting

Run Kinetica on-premise, or in the cloud. A range of partners now offer GPU-accelerated cloud hosting options that provide a practical and efficient means for testing and deploying Kinetica without the investment in on-premise equipment.


Kinetica was built from the ground up with a highly flexible native REST API, ODBC/JDBC support, and a wide variety of connectors and APIs for common enterprise data applications.

Learn more about Kinetica's application and integration partnerships and how to connect.

BI, Analytics and Visualization

Use Kinetica with the BI and visualization tools you already know. With a modern high-performance database under the covers, Kinetica opens the door to lightning fast performance.

Join the Kinetica Partner Program

Kinetica's partner program is intended to expand the ecosystem and infrastructure for GPU-accelerated analytics. We provide technical access, joint marketing opportunities, technical support and training.

  • Early access to Kinetica technology via the Technology Preview Program
  • Online training and support.
  • Joint marketing opportunities including blogs, participation in events.

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