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AWS + Kinetica

Get real-time actionable intelligence on large, complex, and streaming data sets with AWS and Kinetica

Kinetica is available on Amazon EC2 P2 instances – powerful, scalable cloud compute solutions with GPU-based parallel compute.

With up to 16 NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs, P2 instances are the most powerful GPU instances available in the cloud. Commission one, hundreds or even thousands of server instances simultaneously. Applications can scale up and down automatically as needed. The largest P2 instance offers 16 NVIDIA GPUs with a combined 192 Gigabytes (GB) of video memory, 40,000 parallel processing cores, 70 teraflops of single precision floating point performance, and over 23 teraflops of double precision floating point performance.

P2 instances allow you to build and deploy compute-intensive applications using the CUDA parallel computing platform or the OpenCL framework without up-front capital investments.

Tackle challenging analytics problems with Kinetica with Amazon EC2 P2 instances. Kinetica is well suited for accelerated visual analytics, machine learning, high performance databases, computational fluid dynamics, computational finance, seismic analysis, molecular modeling, genomics, and other server-side compute-heavy workloads.


  • High Frequency Intel Xeon E5-2686v4 (Broadwell) Processors
  • High-performance NVIDIA K80 GPUs, each with 2,496 parallel processing cores and 12GiB of GPU memory
  • Supports GPUDirect™ (peer-to-peer GPU communication)
  • Provides Enhanced Networking using the Amazon EC2 Elastic Network Adaptorwith up to 20Gbps of aggregate network bandwidth within a Placement Group
  • EBS-optimized by default at no additional cost

P2 Instance Details

GPUs vCPUs RAM (GB) Network Bandwidth
p2.xlarge 1 4 61 High
p2.8xlarge 8 32 488 10 Gbps
p2.16xlarge 16 64 732 20 Gbps

Try Kinetica on AWS here.

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