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Data Driven Automotive

Roads are unpredictable, and legacy tech buckles when asked to quickly analyze data from diverse sources and unforeseen situations. Kinetica – the database for space and time – enables data-driven automotive applications and autonomous vehicle testing capabilities by instantly obtaining insight from complex vehicle analytics, whether at the edge or in the cloud.


  • Identify patterns & trends to improve product development.
  • Enhance AV sophistication in real-world scenarios. Perform stringent logging and compliance reporting.


  • In-car driver and vehicle analytics based on real-time location intelligence and drive data inside the car with Kinetica Edge.
  • Continuously collect driving movements to record and measure driver behavior and vehicle data, compute statistics, and make recommendations and predictions based on data-driven automotive insights.


  • Support queries and algorithms that assit in running flexible, performant failure predictions and diagnostics.
  • Trend analysis on which components tend to fail at specific intervals and locations.
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The best way to appreciate the possibilities that Kinetica brings to high-performance real-time analytics is to see it in action.

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