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Real-time Database for Analytics & Decisioning

Kinetica enables you to quickly build real-time, event-driven analytics systems with ease.

Combine live streaming data with stateful relational data, all in one database, and without the need to tie together a collection of piecemeal technologies.

Combine Stream Processing with Relational Insight

Bringing context to streaming data has always been difficult.  Kinetica goes beyond stream processing tools to provide a simple, unified data platform for streaming data analytics at scale.

Other data systems all have critical flaws when it comes to real-time analysis on moving data – most aren't designed to handle the high-cardinality joins and the constant aggregation and re-aggregation as new data changes the picture. Stream processors lack sophistication. Batch processing in data warehouses is too slow and only gives a rear-view picture. Assembling a variety of specialized technologies to build real-time systems soon becomes complex

Stream processors lack sophistication, batch processing in data warehouses is too slow, and assembling a variety of piecemeal technologies to build real-time systems becomes complex fast.
Radiant Advisors - Spatial and Time-Series Databases
"Kinetica outperformed PostGIS in every query and was the only database to pass all feasibility tests across geospatial, time-series, graph, and streaming."

Example: A Bike Sharing Tracker

Real-time applications can be built quickly and easily with just SQL in a Kinetica Workbook (or any other SQL editor).

Take this example: a bike sharing company wants to track the status of bikes out for rent and generate notifications when a docking station is low on bikes.

You can combine a kafka feed from bike docking stations, with static information on the bike stations that might even be held externally. This can be brought together to create a live chart of inventory, and generate alerts when inventory falls below a set level.


    LOCATION = '',
        'Kafka_topic_name' = 'station status',
        credential = 'MY_CONFLUENT_CRED')

LOAD DATA INTO station_status
  DATA SOURCE = 'bk',
  'type_inference_mode' = 'SPEED')

Ingest Streaming Data from a Variety of Sources

Kinetica can ingest data at high speed from a variety sources. Ingestion can be distributed over multiple nodes. Kinetica's Kafka Connector makes it simple to attach to high-volume streaming feeds.

Aggregate, Fuse, and Analyze

Streaming data can be easily be fused with stateful data for context or aggregations.

AS SELECT DECIMAL(REGR_INTERCEPT(s1.total_capacity - s2.num_available), s2.last_reported)) as b, DECIMAL(REGR_SLOPE(s1.total_capacity - s2.num_available), s2.last_reported) as a, s1.station_id
FROM station_information s1, station_status_historical s2
WHERE s1.station_id = s2.station_id
GROUP BY station_id

AS  SELECT  ROUND((r.b + (r.a * DECIMAL(s2.last_reported)))) as bike_demand, s2.station_id, s2.num_available  
FROM  streaming_station_status s2, regression_view r where s2.station_id = r.station_id

Streaming Materialized Views

Create continuously updated views - or graphs, models, or just make data available for query. Materialized views can be updated on query, on time-based refresh, or on change – producing a real-time high-throughput view of constantly changing data.

Here we create a new view to show the running demand for bikes at a station.



Event Triggers Based on Decisioning Rules

Create alerts on moving data. It's super simple to build sophisticated event-driven pipelines using just SQL straight from Kinetica


CREATE STREAM demand_alert ON TABLE streaming_demand
WHERE bike_demand > num_available
WITH OPTIONS (event = 'insert' , 
datasink_name =  | 
increasing_column = 'last_reported'))
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Sometimes marketing copy can sound too good to be true. The best way to appreciate the possibilities that Kinetica brings to large-scale geospatial analytics is to see it in action, or try it with your own data, your own schemas and your own queries.

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