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Kinetica Blog

Hari Subhash | June 27, 2024

Migrating from Rockset to Kinetica: A How-To Guide

With Rockset being sunsetted by September 30th, many of its customers are left in the lurch, seeking a reliable alternative for their real-time data analytics needs....
Nima Negahban | June 24, 2024

OpenAI’s Acquisition of Rockset: A Bellwether for the Future of Real-time Enterprise Analytics and Vector Search

The release of ChatGPT marked a significant shift in how people interact with technology by introducing a conversational mode of inquiry using natural language to surface insights....
Hari Subhash | June 21, 2024

Preventing Cyber Attacks: How Kinetica Can Save the Energy Sector Millions of Dollars

Imagine waking up one morning to find that your local gas station has run dry, leaving you stranded without fuel. This was the harsh reality for millions of Americans in May 2021, when the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack disrupted the fuel supply across the Eastern United States. DarkSide, a group of hackers, infiltrated the pipeline's systems, causing widespread panic and fuel shortages. This incident highlights the growing vulnerability of our energy infrastructure to cyberattacks.
Hari Subhash | June 2, 2024

Kinetica, the GPU-powered RAG Engine for Data Copilots, Integrates with NVIDIA NIM

Kinetica, the GPU-powered RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) engine, is now integrating deeply with NVIDIA Inference Microservices for embedding generation and LLM inference....
Hari Subhash | February 6, 2024

Kinetica 🤝 Confluent a match made in streaming heaven

Every moment, trillions of entities—vehicles, stock prices, drones, weather events, and beyond—are in constant motion....
Nima Negahban | February 6, 2024

Kinetica joins the Connect with Confluent Partner Program

We are thrilled to announce that Kinetica has now joined the Connect with Confluent Partner program....
Chad Juliano | January 5, 2024

How to deploy natural language to SQL on your own data – in just one hour with Kinetica SQL-GPT

You’ve seen how Kinetica enables generative AI to create working SQL queries from natural-language questions, using data set up for the demonstration by Kinetica engineers. ...
Chad Juliano | December 13, 2023

The mission to make data conversational

I think one of the most important challenges for organizations today is to use the data they already have more effectively, in order to better understand their current situation, risks, and opportunities. ...
Chad Juliano | December 6, 2023

Towards long-term memory recall with Kinetica, an LLM, and contexts

Prior to the emergence of machine learning, and particularly “deep learning,” I was an ML skeptic. ...
Nima Negahban | November 28, 2023

The GPU strikes back: Why the GPU will be the premiere compute device for Analytics not just AI

Since their inception, databases had been designed with the notion of compute being a scarce resource. ...