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Kinetica for Finance

Detect & Prevent Financial Crime

As criminals evolve new and more sophisticated techniques for crime and fraud, organizations need technology that can adapt and detect emerging patterns, reduce false positives, and manage the data overload.

Kinetica is a real-time time-series and spatial database that leverages a unique vectorized architecture as a foundation for systems to detect and combat financial crime.
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Real-time Monitoring & Detection

Continuously monitor and detect suspicious activities in real-time. Kinetica can process large volumes of data quickly and accurately to identify anomalies or patterns indicative of financial crimes

Advanced Analytics and Intelligence

Uncover hidden patterns, relationships, and trends within financial data. Use Kinetica to apply machine learning algorithms, predictive modeling, and data visualization to better detect and prevent financial crimes. predict potential loss.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Assess and analyze financial risks, including fraud, money laundering, insider trading, and other illicit activities. Kinetica can help provide a holistic view of potential risks across different channels and transactions

Case Study

Kinetica + Expero for Real-time Fraud Detection

Expero provides custom software development that leverages the Kinetica real-time analytic database to provide a game-changing financial crime detection and prevention platform.

This demo illustrates some financial crime field work examples. See how complex data and analytics work together to reduce a company’s financial crimes false positive detection by 60%, increase identification by 70%, and improve investigator’s productivity by 80% – which enables fraud teams to avoid regulatory sanctions and fines.

Kinetica: The Database for Fraud & Anomaly Detection

Detecting and preventing fraud relies on being able to quickly analyze large quantities of time-series and location related data. Kinetica makes it quicker and easier to collate, fuse, and visualize that data for improved anomaly detection, behavioral analysis, and real-time alerting.

Real-Time Intelligence

Kinetica's lockless architecture, distributed ingestion, and vectorized query enable you to work with numerous sources of spatial and streaming data. Kinetica allows for simultaneous ingest and query, and avoids the need for constant re-indexing and re-aggregations as new data changes the picture.

Converged Analytics

Kinetica combines time-series, spatial, and graph capabilities into a unified database available through a SQL & Postgres compatible interface. Over 130 geospatial functions, geo-joins, graph solving and matching makes detecting patterns on fast moving financial data easier and faster.

Lower TCO, Faster to Deploy

Kinetica's vectorized capabilities enable analysts and engineers to analyze and deploy systems quicker than ever. Vectorized algorithms allow for simpler data structures, which means less time engineering the data, more flexibility for exploring the data, and lower compute costs.

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The best way to appreciate the possibilities that Kinetica brings to high-performance real-time analytics is to see it in action.

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