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High-Performance Analytics for Energy Exploration & Production

Energy firms are finding innovative ways to use analytics on sensor data, seismic data, and market data. Kinetica enables you to join high volumes of streaming data, with historical data to identify new opportunities and efficiencies in exploration, drilling and production. Kinetica’s geospatial capabilities and data visualization tools enable you to interact with moving datasets in ways you couldn't before.


  • Inform investment decisions with oil well and pipeline analytics.
  • Leverage geospatial analytics with capabilities to perform energy data visualization
  • Perform time slicing and analyze historical data.


  • Analyze streaming data to more accurately predict the odds of failure, minimizing revenue loss.
  • Combine maintenance cost factors with failure risk analysis to optimize preventative maintenance initiatives.

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  • Get real-time visibility into mobile assets, in order to provide estimated time of delivery, notifications, and custom location-based alerts.
  • Optimize asset routing, delivery, and inventory, as well as location selection for oil depots.
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Making Sense of Sensor Data

As sensor data grows more complex, legacy data infrastructure struggles to keep pace. A new set of design patterns to unlock maximum value. Get this complimentary report from MIT Technology Review:

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The best way to appreciate the possibilities that Kinetica brings to high-performance real-time analytics is to see it in action.

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