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Converging Data Science and Data Engineering with Our Open Source Integration for RAPIDS

By Ken Wattana | October 30, 2018

Recently, NVIDIA announced RAPIDS, an open source data science library that enables data scientists to accelerate model training and development by harnessing the power of the GPU. Today, we’re pleased to share our open source integration with RAPIDS to enable data scientists and data engineers to build applications with artificial intelligence, all while leveraging the…

Working with RAPIDS Using Kinetica’s pyGDF Open Source API

By Zhe Wu | October 30, 2018

With the rise of GPU computing, streamlining the processing of data on GPUs has become critical to increase the speed and efficiency of machine learning. The RAPIDS open source data library is based on the Apache Arrow specification that’s also at the core of the Python GPU dataframe (pyGDF). Our new open source integration with…

Getting to Know the Automotive Grade Linux Community at AGL Dresden

By Ken Wattana | October 25, 2018

Last week Kinetica took a trip to our first Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) All Members Meeting in Dresden! This follows our announcement in August that we’re now members of the Linux Foundation and AGL. The conference was a great opportunity to connect with the AGL community, including organizations like Toyota, Denso, Renesas, Amazon Alexa Automotive,…

GPUs in Germany, a Recap from NVIDIA GTC Europe

By Ken Wattana | October 18, 2018

Auf Wiedersehen Germany! Last week we wrapped up a highly successful GPU Technology Conference (GTC) Europe in Munich! GTC is NVIDIA’s international conference series, bringing together the top minds in deep learning, analytics, and of course GPUs for sessions, workshops, keynotes, and more. This was the place to be for any and all European organizations…

Bringing Data Science and Data Engineering Together with RAPIDS Open-Source Software From NVIDIA and Kinetica

By Ken Wattana | October 10, 2018

In a significant step forward in enabling the adoption of AI at scale, NVIDIA today announced their latest GPU-powered innovation for data science, the RAPIDS suite of open-source libraries. RAPIDS will allow data scientists to move workflows for model training and iteration onto the GPU. Previously, enterprises had to make major investments in CPU infrastructure…

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