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How Kinetica Is Bringing Vectorized Computing to the Enterprise with NVIDIA EGX

By Andrew Wooler | April 15, 2021

Vectorized processing, the ability to compute in parallel at the data level, has initiated a new era of big data analytics. Over the past decade this emerging computing paradigm has been adopted largely by leading internet companies and federal agencies. Kinetica is proud to be part of the NVIDIA EGX enterprise platform ecosystem that is…

Kinetica Geospatial Visualization for Tableau

By Matt Brown | March 30, 2021

Best-in-breed BI tools, like Tableau, have excellent geospatial visualization for small and manageable data sets. They pull down your data from the source and use client-side technologies to deliver an interactive data exploration experience. But when you have hundreds of thousands, or even millions of data points, modern BI tools simply can’t visualize data at…

What Is Data Engineering and How Can It Be Streamlined?

By Andrew Wooler | March 23, 2021

Data engineering is the practice of getting data where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and how it’s needed. This is usually accomplished by taking data, transforming it into a format useful for analysis, and then building pipelines that provide it to an application either in real time or in periodic batches, such as once a…

From Batch to Streaming: The Next Paradigm in Data Analytics

By Hari Subhash | March 16, 2021

Kinetica is a data warehouse that can run complex queries on millions of rows of streaming data…in real time. Other solutions today take minutes, hours, and sometimes even days to run the types of mission-critical queries that Kinetica can handle in seconds or even milliseconds. This type of speed provides significant competitive advantage. Businesses that…

Kinetica Introduces the Developer Edition

By Matt Brown | March 9, 2021

Today, Kinetica proudly announces the release of our Developer Edition. Developers can now use the world’s premier Streaming Data Warehouse free forever, to learn the platform, test out new features, and develop locally. It’s never been a better time to try Kinetica. Getting started is as easy as a one-line install. Simply choose your preferred…