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Predicting Demand & Adapting Supply in a Crisis

By Andrew Wooler | May 14, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed and exacerbated the challenges faced by organizations in predicting consumer demand and continually adapting highly complex supply chains that function at a global scale. The unprecedented fluctuations in demand during the crisis, where consumers stock up on necessities while abandoning other categories entirely, emphasizes the need for a more continuous…

Highlights from Kinetica CEO Paul Appleby on the M4Edge Podcast

By Andrew Wooler | May 12, 2020

Our CEO Paul Appleby joined the M4Edge podcast this week to discuss industry transformations and how Kinetica is helping the world’s largest organizations to solve their toughest challenges with active analytics. Paul chatted with hosts Michael Leifman and Marco Annunziata on how organizations can use data in real-time to fight pandemics, navigate traffic, analyze banking,…

Kinetica Selected for Inc.’s Best Workplaces of 2020

By Andrew Wooler | May 8, 2020

Inc.’s Best Workplaces 2020 awards this week confirmed what we at Kinetica already knew — that Kinetica is a great place to work! After surveying a record 370,000 employees nationwide, from more than 3,000 companies, Inc. ranked all the employers using a composite score of survey results, and Kinetica came out a winner! We’re in…

Kinetica & Disaster Tech Launch Platform for Data-Driven COVID-19 Emergency Response

By Andrew Wooler | May 5, 2020

Kinetica and Disaster Tech launched the COVID-19 Real-time Crisis Management Platform today, which can combine and track crucial COVID-19 emergency response data, like hospital capacity, alternative medical sites, testing kit quantities, and protective equipment availability–all accessible in real time so that emergency responders can make data-driven decisions when they matter most.  Disaster Tech CEO Sean…

Active Analytics for a Dynamic Common Operational Picture

By Andrew Wooler | April 29, 2020

The public sector has long sought solutions that deliver a dynamic Common Operational Picture (COP), integrating disparate data sources to provide real-time situational awareness with relevant information on military and civilian assets. However, the prevalence of siloed analytics systems and legacy architecture not built for data at velocity and scale has frustrated efforts to provide…