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Streaming Data Use Cases: Supporting Real Time Store Replenishment Needs

By Jeffrey Yin | May 19, 2021

For major retail companies, it is a crucial challenge for the business control center to know each store’s in-stock quantities in real time. The world’s largest retailers can have hundreds of thousands of SKUs, and sell thousands of dollars worth of products every second. At this scale, inventory misalignment can have an impact in the…

3 Major Benefits of Real-Time Data Streaming

By Dipti Joshi | May 12, 2021

What is Real-Time Data Streaming? Businesses used to expect their data to arrive in batches, made available for analysis after the fact. But now, people use digital devices that generate data available in real time, and many machines and devices generate data of their own volition. Data received in real time is referred to as…

An Overview of Spatial Data

By Matt Brown | May 5, 2021

What is Spatial Data? Spatial data can be split into two categories: vector and raster. Vector data uses points, lines, and polygons to represent features in the world. Vector data consists of coordinates, or series of connected coordinates to determine the location of features. In addition to the coordinates, important metadata is stored about each…

How Data Analytics Can Help Combat Climate Change

By Andrew Wooler | April 22, 2021

Today marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day! Inspired by the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, Earth Day began after the largest protest ever for new clean air and water laws. It now encompasses events held with more than a billion people worldwide.  At Kinetica, we believe that due to the scale and complexity of…

How Kinetica Is Bringing Vectorized Computing to the Enterprise with NVIDIA EGX

By Andrew Wooler | April 15, 2021

Vectorized processing, the ability to compute in parallel at the data level, has initiated a new era of big data analytics. Over the past decade this emerging computing paradigm has been adopted largely by leading internet companies and federal agencies. Kinetica is proud to be part of the NVIDIA EGX enterprise platform ecosystem that is…