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IoT Investment Has to Begin Now

By Nima Negahban | August 7, 2019

It’s been widely reported that the IoT market is expected to generate significant market opportunity – upwards of $267 billion — by 2020. Numbers aside, one of the main drivers is the rapid growth of IoT and connected devices consumed at both the consumer and industrial level, leading to an extreme side effect — a massive explosion…

The Road to Data-Driven is Paved with Active Analytics

By Rebecca Golden | August 5, 2019

Porsche isn’t just manufacturing world-class sports cars — it’s building the data-driven car of the future that’s revolutionizing the driving experience now. We interviewed Daniel Maroslavac, the Program Manager for Data Analytics and Connected Car at Porsche, about the company’s ground-breaking innovation. Hear what he has to say, or just click for the absolutely stunning…

Smart Vending Machines Deliver On Data

By Vira Shanty | August 1, 2019

Indonesian digital payments platform launches vending machines that engage with you Vending machines are ubiquitous in Asia, selling everything from umbrellas to shirts and ties, hot drinks to whole coconuts. And the pace is picking up in Indonesia, a country with previously slower market penetration. Communities in Jakarta and other major cities are warming up…

Active Analytics: The Foundation Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

By Paul Appleby | July 30, 2019

The Extreme Data Economy is premised on shared signal data and networked infrastructure and demands not just analysis, but immediate action: a process called active analytics.

Analyzing Meetup RSVPs with Kinetica Part 4: Predicting Meetup event attendance with Kinetica Active Analytics Workbench

By Matt Brown | May 15, 2019

In previous articles we have shown you how you can use Kinetica to collect geospatial streaming data from and visualize it using either Kinetica Reveal or a custom application connecting to the database using Javascript API. These days, visualizing and basic statistical analysis is often not enough to give your company a competitive advantage.…

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