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Do you need a streaming database?

By Chad Meley | December 8, 2022

Streaming databases are close cousins to time-series databases (think TimescaleDB) or log databases (think Splunk). All are designed to track a series of events and enable queries that can search and produce statistical profiles of blocks of time in near real-time. Streaming databases can ingest data streams and enable querying of the data across larger…

What to look for in a database for spatio-temporal analysis?

By Chad Meley | December 7, 2022

As sensor data, log data and streaming data continues to grow, we are seeing a significant increase in demand for tools that can do spatial and time-series analytics. The cost of sensors and devices capable of broadcasting their longitude and latitude as they move through time and space is falling rapidly with commensurate proliferation. By…

Drinking from the “Data Fire Hose”

By Eric Rossum | November 2, 2022

A data firehose, or a data stream, is a continuous, high-volume flow of data that is produced by a data source. Common data firehoses include social media feeds, financial market data, and transponder data. High volume data streams are found in a variety of use-cases, including real-time analytics, fraud detection, and event-driven architectures. Data firehoses…

ArcGIS + Kinetica for Big Spatial Data Analysis 

By Chad Meley | October 26, 2022

ESRI ArcGIS is a proven solution for advanced analysis and visualization of geospatial data. The application has been the de-facto standard for spatial analysis for decades. Key product strengths include layer management, a flexible user interface, and an extensive library of geospatial functions. As geospatial datasets evolve as a result of IoT devices capable of…

Kinetica 7.1.7 updates 🚀

By Hari Subhash | September 28, 2022

Highlights Kinetica Workbench web interface for developing and collaborating with interactive SQL workbooks JDBC ingress and egress Import and export data to/from other data sources and enterprise applications Reveal filter slice allows additional map layers to be used for filtering base layer New track SQL functions Click the button below to try the latest version…

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