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Power The Smart Grid With Extreme Data And A GPU Database

By Paul Appleby | July 16, 2018

In 1882, the invention of the electrical grid transformed our lives forever. Dramatic strides in health, efficiency, productivity, and more followed the expansion of electricity across the globe. However, little has changed about the grid in more than a century. For decades, we have been promised the next evolution in the form of the connected…

Will Government Evolution Be Led By The Data Revolution?

By Amit Vij | July 13, 2018

What’s the most powerful tool government has to improve the lives of its citizens? Data, hands down. Data delivers an unprecedented opportunity to positively impact the citizen’s day-to-day life. Government has nearly infinite resources, and with the right analytics tools and platforms, it can use data to revolutionize citizen services and safety. Its uses can…

Casinos Bet The Future On Customer Experience And Up The Ante With Analytics

By Amit Vij | July 12, 2018

Ask your friends why they go to Vegas, and I’m sure you won’t get the same answer twice. Casually surveying a few colleagues and friends yielded “the food and nightlife,” “bachelor party weekend,” “catching the Jerry Seinfeld show,” “Calvin Harris is DJing,” “CES conference,” and…“rock climbing.” (It’s actually an easy day trip to Red Rock…

4 Ways Analytics Are Changing Healthcare

By Michael Mahoney | July 10, 2018

While the healthcare sector has lagged behind others in becoming a data-powered industry, rapidly changing trends in the industry are creating the environment for change and innovation. From pharmaceutical testing to patient care, monitoring contagion spread to genetic testing, there are opportunities in this post-big data era to leverage new data sources for improved outcomes. It…

4 Ways To Change The Game For Logistics Analytics

By Nima Negahban | July 9, 2018

Over half of shippers claim that digitization is important to their business strategy, but less than a third reported that they plan to invest in it. In fact, Deloitte has found that many of those investing remain in the early stages of adoption. Enterprises across industries such as retail, travel and transportation, healthcare, heavy equipment, utilities, logistics, and…

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