Active Analytics in Telco

Telecommunications organizations are looking to evolve from merely providing the infrastructure for the digital economy to powering it. Competition and consolidation are pressuring telcos to develop new revenue streams. Telcos can leverage the massive volume of data available to them to digitize core applications and develop new data-powered products and services. Market forces combined with the rise of 5G and IoT drive demand for new active analytical solutions that can help telcos accelerate their transformation.



Blend large, complex geospatial and network datasets and dynamically visualize it at scale to compare network coverage, existing infrastructure, and plan future investments. Apply predictive analytics models around activation, churn, RF propagation, and network prioritization to improve network planning decisions and scenario analysis for 3G/4G/5G. Project ROI with high accuracy across geographies and gain real-time visibility into the potential impact of infrastructure development on coverage and subscribers.


Accelerate 5G rollout with interactive network visualization at scale, line-of-sight analysis, and predictive modeling of small cell network coverage to optimize decision-making. Run real-time scenario analyses leveraging RF propagation models to predict the impact of adding or moving 5G cells, consider more deployment configurations, maximize ROI, and minimize risk. Apply predictive analytics and machine learning to gain insight into 5G network design, planning, and deployment in a dynamic, population-dense environment.


Blend network data with third-party datasets at scale to understand how network performance impacts existing and target subscribers. Dynamically visualize and analyze network performance in real-time instead of running the process in batch, delaying results. Model and visualize factors like home, work, and route coverage to help prioritize network buildout and improve the customer experience.


Leverage real-time and predictive analysis to make informed network coverage decisions at high-demand locations such as sporting venues and convention centers. Demonstrate and model how network investment decisions change and impact the customer experience in dynamic, high-traffic areas.  Dynamically view and analyze network activity at high-traffic venues over space and time and adjust infrastructure and resources accordingly.



Build network economics models using datasets previously too large or difficult to process, in order to drive logistics, real estate, and marketing decisions. Analyze network coverage over time and space for on-the-fly B2B decision-making. Blend massive geospatial insights across multiple metric sets to make more targeted B2B investments and more accurately project ROI for new site investments. 

Watch Kinetica analyze 14B mobile signal data points in real-time.


Accelerate and enhance revenue reporting to gain a continuous view of revenue flows and trends and make more accurate, data-driven decisions around campaigns, infrastructure spending, and more. Visualize revenue data with detailed, interactive dashboards that enable granular analysis of marketing campaigns and more accurately determine their ROI.

Watch this demo to see how Kinetica powers real-time revenue reporting for telcos.


Collect and analyze streaming and location data from connected devices in real-time, compare it to historical data, and apply machine learning to understand trends. Apply active analytics to 5G initiatives like smart factories and smart cities to improve operations, increase efficiency, and maximize value.

Watch this smart city demo converging streaming, historical, location, and graph analytics to see how Kinetica can help cities to improve public transportation.

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