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Real-time Analytics for Telcos

Leverage the massive volumes of data in telecommunications to digitize core applications, analyze network data, and develop new data-powered products and services.
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Case Study

T-Mobile uses Kinetica to Optimize Networks

Network planning requires analysis of large amounts of network data to understand coverage of geographic regions. In T-Mobile’s case, existing systems were unable to support large-scale geospatial analysis of networks and cell phone data.

Kinetica enabled T-Mobile to do street-by-street analysis for the entire state of California in under an hour! In fact, T-Mobile has been able to process spatial object records, turning lat/longs into atomic routes which could be used for coverage planning and ROI projections for network/retail build out.

As a result, T-Mobile was able to detect and address 5G coverage weak spots, thus leading to better cell service (and lower churn) for their customers.

Read the Case Study »

The Database for Real-time Telecommunications

Telcos sit at the epicenter of vast amounts of streaming and spatial data. Kinetica makes it quicker and easier to ingest, fuse, and visualize that data for faster analysis, more timely decision making, and improved service.

Advanced Time-Series and Geospatial Capabilities

Kinetica is capable of analyzing billions of objects as they move in real-time. Over 130 geospatial functions, geo-joins, graph solving and matching makes analytics on spatial and time series data at scale easier and faster.

Fast Vectorized Speed Layer

Kinetica's lockless architecture, distributed ingestion, and vectorized query enable you to work with numerous sources of spatial and streaming data. Kinetica allows for simultaneous ingest and query, and avoids the need for constant re-indexing and re-aggregations as new data changes the picture.

Easy to Use: SQL-GPT

Gives blazing fast responses to ad-hoc queries without the need to pre-engineer data in advance. Users can ask any question of their proprietary data, even complex ones that were not previously known, and receive an answer in seconds.

Popular Use-Cases

Kinetica is being used to power a wide variety of telecoms applications

IoT Enabled Applications

Collect and analyze streaming and location data from connected devices in real-time, compare it to historical data, and apply machine learning to understand trends and do PostGIS analysis.. Apply active analytics to 5G initiatives like smart factories and smart cities to improve operations, increase efficiency, and maximize value.


Watch this smart city demo converging streaming, historical, location, and graph analytics to see how Kinetica can help cities to improve public transportation.

Real-time Performance Tracking

Blend network data with third-party datasets at scale to understand how network performance impacts existing and target users. Dynamically visualize and analyze network performance in real-time instead of running the process in batch, delaying results. Model and visualize factors like home, work, and route coverage to help prioritize network buildout and respond to rapidly evolving needs.

Webinar: Transforming Telecommunications for the 5G Era

Network Data Analysis

Blend large, complex geospatial and network datasets and dynamically visualize it at scale to compare network coverage, existing infrastructure, and plan future investments. Apply predictive analytics models around activation, churn, RF propagation, and network prioritization to improve network planning decisions and scenario analysis. Project ROI with high accuracy across geographies and gain real-time visibility into the potential impact of infrastructure development on coverage and subscribers.

Case Study: Enabling Data-Driven Network Prioritization for a Large U.S. Telecommunications Organization

Reactive Network Optimization

Accelerate 5G rollout with interactive network visualization at scale, line-of-sight analysis, and predictive modeling of small cell network coverage to optimize decision-making. Run real-time scenario analyses leveraging RF propagation models to predict the impact of adding or moving 5G cells, consider more deployment configurations, maximize potential, minimize risk and implement 5G network optimization.
Case Study: Powering Interactive 5G Network Planning for a Large U.S. Telecommunications Company

Smarter Commercial Decision-making

Build network economics models using datasets previously too large or difficult to process, in order to drive logistics, real estate, and marketing decisions. Analyze network coverage over time and space for on-the-fly B2B decision-making. Blend massive geospatial insights across multiple metric sets to make more targeted B2B investments and more accurately project ROI for new site investments.


Watch Kinetica analyze 14B mobile signal data points in real-time.
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Technology Report

Making Sense of Sensor Data

As sensor data grows more complex, legacy data infrastructure struggles to keep pace. A new set of design patterns to unlock maximum value. Get this complimentary report from MIT Technology Review:

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