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Real-Time Supply Chain Analytics

Vehicles, location, sensors, personnel, weather, traffic, demand, supply: Kinetica ingests fast-moving data from logistics networks in constant flux to deliver decision-ready analysis. Some of the world’s largest logistics organizations rely on Kinetica real-time analytics capabilities to optimize operations.


Stream inventory data and restock automatically, from medical supplies to emergency equipment, consumer goods to food supplies, sending inventory where it’s needed most. Combine and utilize real-time supply chain analytics to fill in the gaps before customers ever see any. Ingest, aggregate, and analyze streaming data sources such as connected fleet and point-of-sale data in real time. Reduce costs, optimize inventory, avoid over and understocking, and improve overall operational efficiency to better serve both customers and employees.


Use real-time supply chain analytics to coordinate supply chains and delivery options to solve complex logistical challenges. Dynamically optimize routes for speed, efficiency, delivery method, and cost. Leverage dynamic graph data visualization for shortest point analysis, as well as geospatial analytics at scale to visualize your fleet in real time, and react to changing circumstances to improve delivery efficiency. Analyze fast-moving streaming data sources, from sensors to personnel, weather, traffic and more. Power analytics-driven dynamic route planning and last mile optimization to save time and improve customer satisfaction.



Improve the efficiency of the entire organization with real-time supply chain analytics to understand operations and supply chain risk. See interactive visualizations and analysis of automated trip logs for insight into driver safety and efficiency, and perform predictive maintenance analytics. Apply active, streaming data analytics to large-scale AV testing data to parse anomalies for regulatory reporting and algorithm improvements.

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Sometimes marketing copy can sound too good to be true. The best way to appreciate the possibilities that Kinetica brings to large-scale geospatial analytics is to see it in action, or try it with your own data, your own schemas and your own queries.

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