GPU-Accelerated Analytics for Logistics

Return query results on billions of data rows in under a second
As the volume of machine data in supply chain and logistics increase, new opportunities arise to improve efficiency and customer experiences. Kinetica, a GPU-accelerated database, makes it possible for logistics organizations to interactively derive insight from vast volumes of streaming data. Use Kinetica for truly real-time analytics demands including inventory optimization, route optimization, and transport analytics.

GPU Acceleration Changes the Game for Analytics for Logistics

10x-100x faster query on 1/10 the hardware, compared to even the most advanced in-memory analytics systems.

Lightning Fast Query

In tests, Kinetica returns results for advanced analytical queries on billions of rows of data in well under a second.
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Ideal for Streaming Data

Parallel ingest and reduced reliance on indexes means data on Kinetica is available for query the moment it arrives.

Accelerate BI

Business users can easily write queries with SQL, integrate Kinetica with logistics BI tools (Tableau, Halo) or access via a comprehensive set of APIs.
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Geospatial Visualization

Visualize patterns on geospatial and temporal data. Kinetica harnesses the GPU for query and drawing geospatial display of vast volumes of data.
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Webinar : GPU Acceleration in Retail and Logistics

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Kinetica’s Mark Brooks (Principal Systems Engineer), and NVIDIA’s John Barco (Senior Director of Partner Solutions), share how manufacturers are gaining real-time visibility across the supply chain for advanced transportation analytics, real-time route planning and optimization, and inventory optimization.


Real-time Analytics in Logistics and Supply Chain

Kinetica provides logistics professionals with deeper, faster actionable insights into operations, customers, and markets.

Advanced Transportation Analytics

Transportation agencies and authorities generate terabytes of data from an array of sensors and operational systems, but until recently, these data sources were not connected. Today, the challenge is figuring out how to use the data effectively. The data that’s continually produced by these agencies contains unprecedented potential for deriving insights that inform planning activity and aid in managing transportation networks, improving operations, reducing costs, and better serving travelers. Kinetica’s GPU-based architecture and advanced geospatial analysis enable you to act on real-time transportation data in order to:

  • Optimize freight movement and routing
  • Optimize inventory management and capacity
  • Optimize fleet operations
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase safety
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Optimize transit schedules based on predicting the impact of maintenance, congestion, and accidents

Route Planning and Optimization

Kinetica is able to ingest fast moving data from sources such as vehicles, location, sensors, personnel, weather, traffic, demand, and supply for more efficient management and deployment of assets. Get point-and-click access to a wide range of analytics such as machine learning, deep learning, and OLAP to discover and act on insights in real time. These insights can power data and analytics-driven fleet and personnel scheduling, route planning, rerouting, and supply chain optimization, which saves you time, reduces fuel and overtime costs, and improves customer experience.

Logistics organizations are optimizing delivery routes based on real-time data streams from their trucks and scanners, combined with datasets such as live traffic and weather information.

Condition-Based Equipment Maintenance

Kinetica can simultaneously ingest, analyze, and visualize real-time sensor data from assets such as aircraft, cars, trucks, and ships. It can combine fast-moving sensor data with data at rest such maintenance schedules to provide you with contextual insights into the condition of your assets. Predictive analytics can be performed on this data in real time to monitor the condition of the asset including detecting patterns, anomalies, identifying deteriorating performance, and future failures. These data-driven insights enable you to proactively maintain equipment, improve fleet productivity, and avoid costly downtime.

Just-In-Time Inventory Optimization

Enterprises need real-time insights into logistics and transportation systems to view and track deliveries targeted for stores. Kinetica provides real-time, customized, location-based insights into the logistics, distribution, and transportation operations for just-in-time inventory management. Build inventory systems that can react swiftly to a variety of data feeds to make up-to-the-minute routing and inventory decisions. Analyze data about customer sentiment to inform inventory management supply chain decisions.

Retailers have discovered that the more they can make data fast, actionable, and intelligent, both from data at rest and data in motion, the more likelihood they’ll be able to build a long-term relationship with a customer. Retail and CPG organizations are turning to Kinetica to shorten data processing time, visualize more data, and uncover patterns to reveal new knowledge and insights in sub-seconds.

One such example is a retailer who deployed Kinetica to fuse their transaction data with their inventory text descriptions. With just two queries, the retailer was able to get an idea of where their highest organic food product sales were occurring throughout the nation. The retailer could then create targeted and customized fulfillment strategies by store.

Redesign your business without redesigning your data

Kinetica can be used by retailers to perform a multidimensional query on “product category x” sales on the map. You can easily drill town to any geographic area for enhanced detail. And you can slice and dice your data without having to redesign it or de-normalize the data; Kinetica provides the compute and analytic capability without having to change your data model.

Kinetica enables autonomous vehicle tracking and analytics at scale.

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