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Real-time Analytics for Utilites

Kinetica real-time analytics database provides a real-time platform for monitoring grid and infrastructure events, empowering machine learning models to identify potential asset failures before they occur, and enabling utility analytics to build the smart cities of the future.


Analyze and visualize streaming smart meter and sensor data in real-time. Leverage geospatial capabilities to identify power surges and usage trends to allocate energy resources in real-time and prevent outages. Identify new geographical customer trends.

See how Kinetica is used to optimize infrastructure from weather data:


Analyze and visualize both streaming and historical data to avoid downtime, costs, and safety issues. Leverage geospatial and accelerated BI capabilities to identify logistical inefficiencies and monitor assets in real-time. Identify geographical organizational trends.

Learn more in our white paper: GPU-Accelerated Analytics for Government



Gain a complete 360-degree view of your customer to develop new sales and marketing opportunities and reduce customer churn. Correlate multiple data sources in real-time to build the most accurate picture of your customers. Use an API layer for segmentation and analysis.


Prevent smart asset failures and reduce maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime. Leverage Kinetica’s streaming data platform capabilities to monitor and improve reliability, performance, and safety for smart assets. Augment utility analytics with streamlined machine learning predictive analytics via Kinetica’s UDF framework.


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The best way to appreciate the possibilities that Kinetica brings to high-performance real-time analytics is to see it in action.

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