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Kinetica Introduces the Developer Edition

By Matt Brown | March 9, 2021

Today, Kinetica proudly announces the release of our Developer Edition. Developers can now use the world’s premier Streaming Data Warehouse free forever, to learn the platform, test out new features, and develop locally. It’s never been a better time to try Kinetica. Getting started is as easy as a one-line install. Simply choose your preferred…

Unifying Analysis for Military and Intelligence with a Streaming Data Warehouse

By Andrew Wooler | February 26, 2021

From JADC2 to ABMS, the military and intelligence communities (IC) have embarked on major efforts to connect their data and their analysis of it. In a world of hybrid threats, where activities or their indicators occur in varying domains, and the consequences for missing them are so high, the military and IC place the utmost…

Amazon Redshift and Kinetica: How to Choose the Right Data Warehouse

By Andrew Wooler | February 17, 2021

For those invested in AWS, Amazon Redshift has broad applications. The popular cloud data warehouse allows you to easily perform SQL analytics on data from your AWS data lake. It’s gained adoption for being well-integrated with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and for its familiarity, with a similar architecture to common on-premises data warehouses, and…

The “Lakehouse” | Capitalize on your Data Lake with a Streaming Data Warehouse

By Nick Alonso | February 11, 2021

There is a new buzzword going around in the analytics space coined the data “lakehouse.” Databricks, who recently just secured a $1 Billion Series G round of funding at a $28 Billion valuation, is bringing this idea to market in an effort to simplify the traditional 3-tiered architecture strategy that is prevalent in fortune 500 enterprises today.…

Kinetica Graph Analytics: Multiple Supply Demand Chain Optimization (MSDO) Graph Solver

By Kaan Karamete | February 9, 2021

B. Kaan Karamete, PhD, is Senior Director of Engineering for Geospatial, Graph, and Visualization at Kinetica Matching supply chain logistics to demand based routing is a daily, non-trivial task essential to several companies like Amazon and Uber. The common objective is to optimize routing under domain specific constraints to the needs of a particular industry.…

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