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A Letter To Our Community

By Andrew Wooler | April 6, 2020

Our CEO Paul Appleby recently released a letter to our community addressing the COVID-19 outbreak and Kinetica’s response.  The letter covers: Protecting the health of our employees and their communities  Supporting our customers through these challenges, with continued dedication and responsiveness  Developing solutions that provide critical, real-time information to first responders Providing opportunities to connect…

Kinetica + RAPIDS: Predict Airbnb Listing Prices in Real-Time

By Nick Alonso | February 20, 2020

Build autonomous pipelines that leverage ML/AI insights in downstream applications with Kinetica Introduction Today, our economy is driven by data. Regardless of industry or use case, terms like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing , and Computer Vision have flooded our channels. The big question every industry vertical has to address is: how…

Introducing Kinetica Cloud

By Rebecca Golden | February 20, 2020

We’re excited to announce the release of Kinetica Cloud! Now you can run your Kinetica Platform in the cloud, so you can focus on your actual business priorities instead. You get the same performance you expect from the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform, but with the flexibility of Kinetica Cloud. The Key Benefits: Easy Access Performance…

GPU-Accelerated Deep Learning: Object Detection Using Transfer Learning With TensorFlow

By Nick Alonso | December 20, 2019

In an effort to improve the overall health of the San Francisco Bay, Kinetica and the San Francisco Estuary Institute have partnered to deploy a scalable solution for autonomous trash detection. Project Background The need for an advanced solution to protect the San Francisco Bay has become evident with more and more plastic leaking into…

Data Dies In Darkness: Getting AI Algorithms To Think Outside The Black Box

By Irina Farooq | December 12, 2019

While artificial intelligence and machine learning give corporations the ability to act faster with fewer employees than ever before, companies take on a new kind of unprecedented risk, as well. AI and ML algorithms are only as good as the data they learn from. If they are trained to make decisions using a data set…