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Track and Analyze Billions of Entities in Real-Time

With the proliferation of sensors, more assets are being tagged with information on their location at different points in time than ever before. But our ability to analyze and act on massive amounts of location and time enriched data- particularly in real-time – has not kept pace.

Kinetica is a real time analytics database that provides a geospatial object called Tracks to visualize and analyze entities in motion using SQL, at scale. Tracks come with geospatial functions that allow the triggering of events based on measures such as its duration, length, proximity to other tracks and whether it intersects or passes through a geo-fence.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Create tracks and perform geospatial operations on them
  • Detect and visualize dwell times
  • Trigger alerts when a an entity is within a certain distance from a point

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