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Kinetica joins the Connect with Confluent Partner Program

We are thrilled to announce that Kinetica has now joined the Connect with Confluent Partner program. This collaboration merges the unparalleled speed of Kinetica’s GPU-accelerated database with the data streaming capabilities of Confluent Cloud, delivering insights on high-velocity data streams in mere seconds.

Why This Partnership Matters

Confluent is at the forefront of streaming data technology, offering best-in-class capabilities that make it an industry leader. Kinetica enhances this proposition by ingesting these high velocity data streams and fusing them with contextual data, enabling the execution of complex SQL queries – all in real time. This unlocks opportunities for advanced analytics on real-time data feeds, setting a new standard for immediate, data-driven insights.

Fast Ingest

Kinetica’s multi-head ingest is designed to handle the volume and velocity of Kafka topics effortlessly. Its lockless architecture allows query execution while data is being streamed in. Both of these features together slash data latency significantly.

Contextual Insights

Together, Kinetica and Confluent create an ecosystem where data is not just collected but is swiftly understood within its spatial and temporal context. This partnership reveals insights that were previously hidden, offering a new lens through which data can be viewed and acted upon.

Take Action

Kinetica’s multi-head egress capabilities allow users to stream data back out from Kinetica to a Confluent stream and other downstream applications, allowing organizations to make informed decisions quickly, based on the most relevant and contextual information available.

See It in Action

Explore our latest demonstration: monitoring a fleet of vehicles to identify spatial events in real time. This real-world example showcases how Kinetica’s data analytics seamlessly integrate with Confluent’s data streaming.

A short demonstration of real time spatial analytics using Kinetica and Confluent

This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower businesses with the real-time insights needed to make decisive, data-informed decisions.

Use the links below to try it out for yourself and see the difference real-time data analysis can make.

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