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Tableau + Kinetica

Supercharge Tableau with a GPU-Accelerated Database

Tableau is transforming the business world by making it easy to visualize and understand data. However, with large datasets, streaming data and more complex queries, enterprise users can find themselves frustrated with slow performance and long wait times as the underlying database struggles to keep up.

Improve that performance by moving your data to a modern high-performance analytics database. Kinetica was built from the ground up to leverage the parallel compute power of GPUs to deliver 10-100x faster processing than even leading CPU-based in-memory systems. Adjust filtering and watch your visualizations update swiftly and smoothly. Load up a new workbook and have your dashboards available immediately. With Kinetica, the long waits for advanced analytics are a thing of the past.

Tableau Queries Now Even Faster with New Kinetica and NVIDIA DGX Station

Tableau, the global leader in visual analytics, NVIDIA and Kinetica business partner InterWorks, have introduced a new solution which allows customers of Tableau to modernize their underlying databases to take full advantage of the valuable insight Tableau provides.

Combining the immense power of NVIDIA DGX Station, the world’s first deskside supercomputer, and Kinetica’s GPU-accelerated database to speed up Tableau queries, customers can more quickly explore their largest data sets, with minimal constraints, to immediately connect to tables, rows and columns, for fast, real-time data exploration, reporting, dashboards, and now machine learning – all in one data platform.

Contact InterWorks for more information about this solution.

Connecting to Tableau

Kinetica has been designed for interoperability and plays well within an enterprise data infrastructure environment. Kinetica’s ODBC and JDBC connectivity along with SQL-92 support make it simple to connect with Tableau workbooks. With the ‘Replace Data Source’ feature, you can seamlessly switch to using Kinetica as the data source without further changes to operational Tableau workbooks.

Kinetica is designed for enterprise-grade security, reliability, availability, and scalability. Authentication and authorization features such as LDAP and user/group/role-based access control ensures that data is always secure. Kinetica supports high availability with inter-cluster active-active configuration and data replication. A distributed, scale-out architecture with tiered memory management across VRAM, system memory, and disk ensures scalability.

Documentation: Connect Kinetica with Tableau »

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