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Visualizing Spatial Data at Scale with Tableau

A joint event with : Tableau

In this session, Phil Darringer explores the challenges of analyzing and visualizing massive amounts of spatial data and how Kinetica and Tableau together can help address these challenges.

Kinetica is a high-performance database that specializes in ingesting, analyzing, and visualizing large-scale data, including spatial data. Tableau, on the other hand, is the leading data visualization tool that allows users to create interactive and intuitive visualizations of their data. Together, Kinetica and Tableau provide a powerful solution for visualizing and analyzing spatial data at scale. In this webinar, we will explore how these tools can be used together to visualize and analyze large-scale spatial data, such as location-enriched sensor data, 5G network data, track data and more. We will also demonstrate how to build complex spatial visualizations including heat maps, class-breaks, multiple map layers, and more.

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