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Kinetica Partners with NVIDIA and InterWorks to Deliver Supercharged Platform for Business Intelligence

Kinetica GPU Database on NVIDIA DGX Station Gives Tableau Users an Immediate Accelerated Experience, Eliminating Database Query Delays
NEW YORK—Strata Data ConferenceSeptember 26, 2017

Kinetica today announced a new solution combining the immense power of NVIDIA DGX Station, the world’s first deskside supercomputer, and Kinetica’s GPU-accelerated database to speed up Tableau queries, providing users the ability to make faster data-driven decisions.

Available immediately from NVIDIA and Kinetica business partner InterWorks, the new solution allows customers of Tableau, the global leader in visual analytics, to modernize their underlying databases to take full advantage of the valuable insight Tableau provides.

Armed with this solution, customers can more quickly explore their largest data sets, with minimal constraints, to immediately connect to tables, rows and columns, for fast, real-time data exploration, reporting, dashboards, and now machine learning – all in one data platform. As a result, business analysts can make faster decisions by visualizing and interacting with billions of data elements instantly.

Kinetica’s database platform fits within an existing BI landscape as an immediate self-service “speed layer.” With Kinetica’s distributed, in-memory, scale-out architecture, BI query performance improves as queries can run across multiple computers in parallel. SQL queries are able to leverage this enhanced parallel compute automatically before any additional database tuning. Users just point Tableau workbooks to Kinetica and leverage Kinetica’s ODBC and JDBC connectivity along with SQL-92 support to accelerate Tableau workbooks.

The solution was developed for the NVIDIA computing platform.  It is featured on the NVIDIA DGX Station — a whisper-quiet, personal AI workstation that packs the power of 400 CPUs — enabling business analysts and data scientists to bring the power of the data center to their deskside. Businesses can bypass the long wait times of CPU-constrained business intelligence solutions without changing their workflows.

“With the unrivaled processing power of NVIDIA’s DGX Station and Kinetica’s GPU-accelerated database turbo-charging Tableau, users can simultaneously ingest, explore, analyze, and visualize data within milliseconds to make critical decisions and find efficiencies, lower cost, generate new revenue, and improve customer experience,” said Amit Vij, CEO and cofounder, Kinetica.

“Traditional computing solutions for business data analytics are having a hard time keeping up amid the huge increase in data available to businesses from sensors, social media feeds and the internet of things,” said Jim McHugh, vice president and general manager of DGX Systems, NVIDIA. “This new solution powered by Kinetica modernizes business intelligence by removing data bottlenecks created by slow queries.”

“We are excited about this new offering from InterWorks with Kinetica,” said Todd Talkington, Director Tech Partners at Tableau. “Our partners continue to bring innovative solutions to market that make Tableau even faster and easier to use.”

“We are excited to unleash the power of a GPU-based architecture on our top clients’ massive data sets,” says Brian Bickell, Data Management Practice Lead at InterWorks, Inc. “Running complex business intelligence and data science workloads always presents a problem at that scale, and InterWorks is ready to bring this unique Kinetica, Tableau, and NVIDIA solution to clients across the globe.”

For additional information, including a video demonstrating the benefits of the combination of Kinetica, NVIDIA GPUs and Tableau, visit:

About Kinetica

Kinetica helps many of the world’s largest companies solve some of the world’s most complex problems, including the US Air Force, NORAD, USPS, Citibank, Telkomsel, MSI, OVO, and Softbank, among others. Kinetica is the first streaming data warehouse in the cloud to combine historical, streaming, and location data analysis at unparalleled performance and scale, for instant results.

Organizations across the public sector, financial services, telecommunications, energy, healthcare, retail, automotive,and beyond can load and analyze fast-moving data simultaneously, delivering instant insight. Kinetica offers flexible deployment, pricing, and support models across private and public clouds.

Kinetica has a rich partner ecosystem, including Dell, HP, IBM, NVIDIA, and Oracle and is privately held, backed by leading global venture capital firms Canvas Ventures, Citi Ventures, GreatPoint Ventures, and Meritech Capital Partners. For more information and to try Kinetica, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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