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IBM + Kinetica

Enable enterprises to move with unprecedented agility in the Extreme Data Economy

Satisfy AI and extreme data demands with the impressive combination of best-in-class cloud infrastructure and customizable GPU processing with IBM’s POWER9™.

IBM’s first POWER9 server, the Power System AC922, runs a version of the POWER9 chip tuned for Linux, with the four-way multithreading variant SMT4. POWER9 chips with SMT4 can offer up to 24 cores, though the chips in the AC922 top out at 22 cores. The fastest POWER9 in the AC922 runs at 3.3GHz. The Kinetica Active Analytics Platform performs 1.8 times faster on POWER9 than it did on POWER8 for advanced analytics.

The AC922 leverages IBM’s new POWER9 processor with a myriad of modern connectivity capabilities, yielding up to 5.6×1 the data movement over the antiquated PCIe Gen3 buses found in x86. IBM Power Systems deliver the only architecture enabling NVIDIA® NVLink™ between CPUs and GPUs, unlocking new potential for accelerated computing.

The POWER9 family is the first processor line to support a range of new I/O technologies, including PCI-Express 4.0 and NVLink 2.0. PCIe 4 provides bandwidth of up to 16 gigatransfers per second, twice that of PCIe 3, which Intel uses. NVLink 2.0 enables bandwidth of up to 25Gbps for NVIDIA GPUs, the coprocessors of choice for artificial intelligence and accelerated workloads such as those handled by the Kinetica platform.

Power AC922 HPC Server

POWER9 and NVLink2

  • 2 POWER9 CPUs and up to 4 “Volta” NVLink 2.0 GPUs in a versatile 2U Linux server
  • PCIe Gen4 bus has double I/O bandwidth vs. PCIe Gen3
  • CPU (Turbo)/GPU (Boost) enabled for improved data center efficiency and performance to be maintained at high levels

High-Level System Overview

  • 2-socket, 2U packaging
  • 40 P9 processor cores
  • 4 NVIDIA Volta 2.0 GPUs
  • 1 TB memory (16x – 64GB DIMMs)
  • 4 PCIe Gen4 slots
  • 2x SFF (HDD/SSD), SATA, Up to 7.7 TB storage
  • Supports 1.6TB and 3.2TB NVMe adapters
  • Redundant hot swap power supplies

Solve Precision Marketing with IBM & Kinetica

See how you can meet demand spikes in real time, and convert billions of impressions to millions of dollars. Out think out of stock with Kinetica on IBM’s OpenPOWER LC servers – the accelerated platform of choice leveraging NVIDIA NVlink technology. This is your solution to precision marketing.

Real-time Analytics with the Kinetica platform

Out think the status quo. Be able to better understand your customers and your business by querying massive datasets in seconds vs. hours to help you become a real-time retail enterprise.

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