In-Memory GPU-Accelerated Database with Power changes the game

In this webinar, IBM and Kinetica explore a modern approach to advanced analytics. Ride the next wave of accelerated analytics by unleashing the most powerful commercially available OLAP engine onto IBM’s data-centric accelerated server, providing real-time analytics for massive and complex datasets as well as for streaming data.

Kinetica’s Eric Mizell, VP of Global Solution Engineering, and IBM’s David H. Coutts, Distinguished Engineer, OpenPOWER Technical Computing, present:

  • Kinetica’s screaming-fast, scalable database Designed from the ground up to deliver truly real-time insights, Kinetica leverages today’s GPU accelerators to deliver performance that’s 10-100x faster than even the most modern in-memory databases.
  • Moving beyond commodity hardware With the death of Moore’s Law and a shift to increasingly data-intensive workloads, organizations are quickly moving beyond commodity servers. Built for today’s modern data-intensive analytics workloads, IBM Power provides almost 3x the I/O found in x86 systems.
  • Applied real-time analytics Hear how this modern approach to analytics is having a profound impact across a variety of customers and industries.


David H. Coutts, IBM

Dave Coutts is an IBM Distinguished Engineer in OpenPOWER Technical Computing, Dave has twenty five years of experience in server system development, strategy, transformation, and joint Research programs, and ten years experience as the IBM Systems and Technology Group Industrial Sector CTO, working on the role of infrastructure for industry solutions. Two years ago Dave moved over to the OpenPOWER team to focus on system and solution needs for technical computing.

Eric Mizell, Kinetica

Eric is the VP of Global Solution Engineering at Kinetica. Prior to Kinetica, Eric was the Director of Solution Engineering for Hortonworks, a distributor of Apache Hadoop. Earlier in his career, Eric was both a Director of Field Engineering and a Solutions Architect for Terracotta, a provider of in-memory data management and big data solutions for the enterprise.

Join IBM and Kinetica for this webinar on January 19th at 1PM CST. Register today!

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