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Confluent + Kinetica

Create context for real-time decisions. Use Kinetica to combine streaming data from Kafka with historical data on your data lake.

Confluent has powered Kafka to become the enterprise’s most ubiquitous technology for event streaming and processing. The high throughput and low latency Kafka platform has been embraced to handle real-time data feeds from a wide variety of streaming sources – from sensors and mobile apps, to connected devices and social media. 

By rebuilding Kafka as a fully-managed service, Confluent Cloud has allowed companies of all sizes to set data in motion, with all the infrastructure and time savings of the cloud. However, while analysis of streaming data increasingly drives decisions, historical data is often needed as context for information coming in in real-time. 

The ideal solution would combine the analysis of data in motion and at rest. But most databases today can’t handle ingesting at the speed of Kafka, which can scale to trillions of events a day. 

With its native vectorized design, Kinetica is able to meet this need and fuse data from both streams and data lakes to unlock value from data at scale and speed.  Kinetica is able to keep up with Kafka because of its lockless architecture, distributed ingestion, and distributed key-value lookup. Fuse your real-time data with static data for context and deeper insights than you could get with a streaming platform alone.

Kinetica and Confluent together enable advanced query capabilities that are performant as data comes in, giving you the ability to query as fast as you can stream. 

Kinetica & Confluent in the Cloud

Confluent’s cloud-native offering, Confluent Cloud, has made Kafka the leading choice for handling streaming data. Now, organizations will be able to leverage a complete real-time analytics solution in the cloud with the announcement of Kinetica’s availability as-a-service on Azure Marketplace. Combined with the Confluent enterprise-grade streaming data platform, the Kinetica Azure cloud solution will help customers capitalize on streaming data to power real-time decision making and cost-effectively drive business results.

To put Kinetica and Confluent into action, users can get Kinetica on Azure Marketplace and simply set up a confluent cloud instance as a streaming data source.


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