GPU-Accelerated Database for Government

Query data directly with SQL and access via popular BI visualization tools
From national security and defense, to connected cities and improved public services – new opportunities are arising to leverage increasing data volumes for improved outcomes. Kinetica, a GPU-accelerated analytics database, makes it possible for government to derive faster insights from vast volumes of streaming data. Kinetica brings fast and actionable analytics to security and improving public services, where the benefits are felt by everyone.

High Performance Analytics Database, Advancing Public Sciences

10x-100x faster analytics on 1/10 the hardware, compared to even the most advanced in-memory analytics systems

Lightning Fast Query

In benchmark tests, Kinetica returns results for advanced analytical queries on billions of rows of data in well under a second. Ideal for real-time analysis of sensors, movements and infrastructure.
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Streamline and Simplify

The brute-force compute power of GPUs mean less need for tuning, less indexing of data, and even reduced administration. Faster processing leads to simplicity, savings, and ease of use – as well as blazing fast response.


Kinetica can be used for basic analytics to advanced data-science and machine learning. Query data directly with SQL, access via popular BI visualization tools or run advanced analytics and machine learning in-database via UDFs.

Geospatial Visualization

Visualize patterns on large volumes of geospatial and temporal data. Kinetica is ideal for visualizing sensor and human data including traffic patterns and societal trends.
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Modern Analytics for Government & Public Sector

Kinetica provides a single database for high-performance, actionable analytics and machine learning to improve public services.

National Security and Defense

Kinetica was born out of the need to assist security agencies with threat detection by analysis of vast quantities of streaming data from over 200 different sources. Powerful NLP-based text analysis combined with native geospatial operations open new opportunities for reducing crime, supporting policing operations and improving law-enforcement intelligence.

Support Public Services

Knowledge is power. With GPU-accelerated computation and in-database analytics, Kinetica provides access to sophisticated tools for seeing new patterns and adapting services to meet increasing demands. Machine learning running in-database can provide predictive support for traffic forecasting and flow analysis, weather and climate study, and flight and shipping tracking.

Reduce Fraud and Waste

From unemployment programs to benefits and taxes, public resources are limited and services must be made available to millions. Kinetica provides a fast and powerful foundation for detection, analysis and prevention of fraud. With brute-force compute power and performance in the range of 10x-100x faster than comparable CPU-based analytics systems, Kinetica makes it possible to explore transactions in ways that were never possible before.

Improve Healthcare

Kinetica offers a powerful and flexible foundation for advanced analytics for public health. Fast analytics and predictive models make it possible to identify disease outbreaks, explore health disparities, target public health programs effectively and ensure efficient allocation of resources. When queries take seconds to run instead of hours, it's easier for public agencies to identify trends and patterns unique to a geographic area and share that information with the public.

Insights into Citizen Sentiment

Use citizen data to gauge public sentiment, create better policies and deliver on needed services. Kinetica's full-text search provides a powerful foundation for public sentiment analysis of comments and feedback from a variety of data sources including social media. Understand and predict reactions to potential policy changes and identify patterns before crises emerge.

In this demo, Kinetica ingests massive amounts of complex streaming data from Rio de Janeiro and enables real-time data analysis and visualization to power the connected city.

USPS Leverages Kinetica's Geospatial Analytics to Manage Tracking and Updates

200,000+ USPS devices emit location once every minute, amounting to more than a quarter billion events captured and analyzed daily. USPS’ parallel cluster serves 15,000 daily sessions, providing service’s managers and analysts with the capability to instantly see what's happening in their areas of responsibility.
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