Streaming & Batch, Instant Results

Streaming Analytics

The Kinetica Platform can analyze complex, multidimensional streaming and batch data interactively. Combine real-time data and historical data to generate better-informed insights. Constantly assess and query data in real-time and action other systems based on results.  Run massively parallel, distributed queries on billions of rows of data for instantaneous results.

Streaming & Historical

Make instant, informed decisions on streaming OLAP data from IoT and edge computing. Run massively parallel, distributed queries on billions of rows of historical data for instantaneous results.

OVO leverages streaming data analysis to power their SmartCube Vending Machine

High-Speed Ingest

Distributed parallel ingest capabilities. High-speed ingest on streaming datasets and complex analytics on streaming and historical data simultaneously, at scale.

Machine Learning Power

Train models directly in Kinetica or import pre-trained models to execute inferences in batch, streaming, or via public web service. Kinetica is a one-stop shop for realizing your ML investment.

Wide Range of Analytical Techniques

Kinetica supports a full range of analytical techniques, including text search, time series analysis, location intelligence, and graph analytics, as part of a fully integrated toolset.

Kinetica Demo - Measuring Risk

Take a look at Kinetica’s financial instrument analysis demo for measuring risk