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Real-time Analytics for Ad-Tech

Smart companies in the advertising and technology sectors are turning to Kinetica to maximize the value of their digital assets and make smarter, faster advertising decisions.

Kinetica transforms clicks into monetizable insights and new business opportunties

Ad tech is awash with large volumes of streaming data, and Kinetica is uniquely suited to delivering fast response for programmatic bidding, ad-decisioning, and customer engagement.

Programmatic Buying and Selling

Advertising is the lifeblood of the internet, and programmatic is how today’s media is transacted online. Programmatic buying and selling of advertising uses real-time bidding to match marketers, who are trying to reach millions of users on desktop, mobile, and over-the-top devices, to the publishers and media companies that attract people with content. DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, and exchanges are dealing with a firehose of real-time data that needs quick analysis to make advertising tick. Kinetica makes it possible to sweep through vast volumes of complex streaming data in milliseconds, to create, target, and deliver ads with incredible speed and precision.

PubMatic, a leading provider of omni-channel revenue automation technology for publishers and programmatic tools for media buyers, uses Kinetica to activate meaningful connections between consumers, content, and brands. Processing over one trillion ad impressions monthly, while leveraging leading-edge data and technology innovation, Kinetica contributes high-speed ingest, store, and persist data processing capabilities in support of PubMatic’s real-time reporting and ad pacing engine.

Leveraging leading edge data and technology innovation, Kinetica contributes high-speed ingest, store, and persist data processing capabilities in support of PubMatic’s real-time reporting and ad pacing engine.
Vasu Cherlopalle, Vice President of Big Data and Analytics

Bringing AI to Ad Decisioning

Ad decisioning is a non-trivial task. DSPs are constantly faced with the question, “To bid or not to bid?” If the decision is to bid, then what is the optimum ad price based on the user? If the decision is not to bid, then was this another missed opportunity for the advertiser?

Kinetica’s in-database AI processing can optimize bidders by discovering patterns and uncovering hidden insights in sub-seconds. You will be able to run customized, GPU-accelerated, Python-based ad decisioning algorithms to optimize audience targeting and find inventory that advertisers want to show the user. All of this can be done on the same platform that you’re using for traditional analytics and data exploration.

Streaming Analytics Database with Full Geospatial Capabilities

10x-100x faster query on 1/10 the hardware, compared to even the most advanced in-memory analytics systems

Lightning Fast Query

Crunch through billions of rows of data to optimize publisher yield or aggregate bidder metrics in sub-second time. Kinetica is possibly the fastest database ever built.
Fast Query on GPU »

For Streaming Data

Fuse streaming and batch pipelines. Parallel ingest and reduced reliance on indexes means data on Kinetica is available for query the moment it arrives.
GPU-acceleration for Speed »

Bring AI to Ad-Tech

In-database processing allows for predictive and AI workloads. Python-based ad decisioning algorithms can optimize audience targeting and maximize inventory allocation. In-Database Processing »

Geospatial Aware

Make decisions based on location data. Kinetica comes with a suite of geospatial operators, and can natively visualize vast volumes of data on maps.
Location-Based Analytics »
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