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Run complex queries on streams from Confluent in real-time

Kinetica is a GPU accelerated database that executes spatial, time series and OLAP queries on high-velocity data streams from Confluent Cloud in seconds, offering a robust architecture for observing and analyzing data in motion. This includes vehicles, networks, satellites, supply chains, smart cities, stock prices and more.



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Combine sensor and machine data from Kafka with contextual data for advanced real-time analysis

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Fast Ingest

Kinetica is able to keep up with high volume Kafka topics with it's lockless, multi-head architecture. Experience the unrivaled speed of data ingestion.

Contextual Insights

Kinetica and Confluent provide a landscape where data isn't just ingested; it's quickly understood in its spatial and temporal context, unveiling insights previously obscured.

Take Action

Kinetica can publish these enriched insights back to a Confluent stream to empower your organization to act decisively on the most relevant and contextual information.
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Gen AI on Confluent Topics

Write natural language queries against your Kafka streams. Kinetica's GPU architecture and native LLM delivers fast answers on real-time data. More »
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Making Sense of Sensor Data

As sensor data grows more complex, legacy data infrastructure struggles to keep pace. A new set of design patterns to unlock maximum value. Get this complimentary report from MIT Technology Review:

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The best way to appreciate the possibilities that Kinetica brings to high-performance real-time analytics is to see it in action.

Contact us, and we'll give you a tour of Kinetica. We can also help you get started using it with your own data, your own schemas and your own queries.