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Do More with Less

Kinetica's innovative architecture is far more powerful on complex queries than other in-memory databases. This power allows you to get away with simpler data structures, which means less time engineering the data, more flexibility for exploring the data, and lower compute costs.

No Pipelines
Lower your Data Engineering Costs

With Kinetica, you can avoid having to build out complex data pipelines to optimize data before it can be used. This in turn reduces the need for specialized data engineering, and time spent on maintenance and compliance.

Less Optimizing

Kinetica simplifies and reduces the time and effort required to ingest and process data. By eliminating the need for denormalizations and summaries, organizations can get to working with their data much more quickly.

Query Raw Data Fast

Kinetica makes it easy to use data in its raw form, providing greater flexibility and agility on query. This makes it easier to adapt to changing business requirements and data sources without having to modify data pipelines or pre-processing routines.

Eliminate Inconsistencies

Working with data in its raw form leads to improved data coherence  — fewer data discrepancies and downstream dependencies arise from pre-processing and data transformation.

Recent Webinar

Traditional Data Pipelines are Dead!

Nima Negahban, CEO of Kinetica, explains how Kinetica helps streamline and simplify data management without the need for tedious data pipelines.

Better performance on less infrastructure.

Kinetica takes advantage of modern CPU and GPU architectures to more efficiently perform complex operations such as filtering, grouping, and aggregating data, on a smaller compute footprint. This reduces the resources required. Kinetica's customers have been able to drastically slash the number of nodes needed for analytics.

Large US Bank

700 Spark
16 Kinetica

Top US Retailer

100 Cassandra(NoSQL)
8 Kinetica

Large Pharma

88 Impala
6 Kinetica

Transparent Pricing

Kinetica's transparent pricing model ensures that organizations have a clear understanding of the costs associated with using the Kinetica database platform. There are no hidden fees, complex licensing structures, or unexpected charges.

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Do more on a single multi-genre database

Kinetica has a mutli-genre architecture. Data can be accessed in different ways enabling you to meet a variety of use-cases on a single system, and without the complexity of integrating multiple services.

Fast Relational

At it's core, Kinetica manages data in a columnar relational structure with tables and columns. It's easy to query data with SQL and connect common visualization tools.


Data can be accessed as a key-value structure to support high concurrency, low latency applications and simplify the operationalization of insights at web scale.


Many geospatial use-cases involve figuring out optimal routing and solving network topology. Graph functionality in Kinetica makes it easy to work with spatial relationships.


Kinetica natively works with points, shapes as WKT, tracks, and labels. There are over 130 geospatial functions that are available through SQL or the REST API.


Kinetica is ideal for time-series and real-time data feeds, and supports windowing to apply aggregate and ranking functions over a period of time, and keep the picture updated as data evolves

Machine Learning

Leverage high-speed model inference and feature generation by running popular ML frameworks containerized in Kinetica.

Book a Demo!

The best way to appreciate the possibilities that Kinetica brings to high-performance real-time analytics is to see it in action.

Contact us, and we'll give you a tour of Kinetica. We can also help you get started using it with your own data, your own schemas and your own queries.