GPU-Accelerated Analytics for Retail

act on real-time retail data in sub-seconds to optimize inventory and customer engagement
With changing customer needs, tight profit margins, and shorter product cycles, retailers can gain competitive advantage by using Kinetica for analytics on real-time data. Engage customers and make informed operational and product decisions; Kinetica's faster data processing and visualization tools make it possible to discover patterns, and uncover hidden insights in sub-second rather than minutes or hours.

Streaming Analytics Database, Perfect for Today's Retailers

10x-100x faster query on 1/10 the hardware, compared to even the most advanced in-memory analytics systems

Lightning Fast Query

In tests, Kinetica returns results for advanced analytical queries on billions of rows of data in well under a second.
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Ideal for Streaming Data

Parallel ingest and reduced reliance on indexes means data on Kinetica is available for query the moment it arrives.

Accelerate BI

Business users can easily write queries with SQL, integrate Kinetica with retail BI tools or access via a comprehensive set of APIs.
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Geospatial Visualization

Visualize patterns on geospatial and temporal data. Kinetica harnsses the GPU for query and drawing geospatial display of vast volumes of data.
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OVO SmartCube: The Data-Powered Smart Vending Machine

OVO, Indonesia’s leading digital payments, rewards, and financial services platform, debuts OVO SmartCube, the country’s first
data-powered, personalized vending machine

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See how Kinetica helps retailers reach their customers

Transforming Retail with Real-Time Analytics and Insights

Kinetica enables retailers to turn real-time insights into end-to-end retail dominance.

As a retailer, you most likely are viewing data in some form to help you make decisions, but is that information in the most effective format? Kinetica can enable new ways to analyze data, from quickly performing product category-specific queries, to drilling down into a particular geographic area to get a more enhanced sales picture. Instead of using legacy BI systems to provide you with historical data, you can use Kinetica to visually understand aspects such as shopping trends based on real-time IoT data. And since full compute and analytic capability is provided with Kinetica, you don’t have to re-design or de-normalize your data in order to zoom in on a market, compare store sales by location, or get the big picture across your entire operation.

Kinetica’s GPU-based architecture and advanced geospatial analysis make it possible to act on real-time retail data in sub-second times so that you can keep customers at the center of your business. Kinetica’s GPU-based architecture enables you to:

  • Optimize pricing and promotions
  • Optimize retail space, product assortment, and planograms
  • Improve demand forecasting
  • Improve retail logistics and supply chain operations
  • Optimize replenishment and inventory management
  • Improve customer engagement

Here are a few use cases that highlight where Kinetica can be used in retail environments to optimize and improve your supply chain, inventory, store operations, and customer relationships.

Leveraging leading edge data and technology innovation, Kinetica contributes high-speed ingest, store, and persist data processing capabilities in support of PubMatic’s real-time reporting and ad pacing engine.
Vasu Cherlopalle, Vice President of Big Data and Analytics

Customer 360/Customer Sentiment

Make the most of new types of data in order to better understand your customer’s buying process and become more competitive through “omnichannel sales” – whether in-store, on the web, or via social media channels. Kinetica allows you to quickly correlate data from POS systems, social media streams, weather forecasts, and wearable devices in order to build the most accurate picture of your customers. By querying massive datasets in seconds vs. hours, you can truly become a real-time enterprise.

One of the world's largest retailers uses Kinetica to consolidate all the information they know about their customers, including sentiment analysis from social media, buying behavior, and online and in-store purchases. By implementing Kinetica, the retailer’s analysts were able to go from queries that took hours to getting sub-second results. They use Kinetica to correlate that data with weather, point-of-sale systems, and wearable devices in order to build the most accurate view of their customers.

Insights-driven Retail Merchandising

Use Kinetica to analyze and visualize transaction and loyalty data, so that you can leverage these valuable insights, get a clear view of your customers, and ensure continuous and relevant customer engagements.

Real-time Inventory Analysis and Supply Chain Optimization

Kinetica’s geospatial capabilities are well suited for tracking retail inventory in real time from a variety of sources, so you can get instant notifications of inventory sold, optimize stock replenishment and avoid out-of-stock situations. Use Kinetica to quickly pose complex questions from diverse sets of data, and easily visualize inventory as it moves through various locations.

One major big-box retailer needed to be able to deploy a system that allowed them to make complex queries on very large datasets so that they could get real-time insights into their organic food inventory. Kinetica solved this problem by fusing all of their transaction data with inventory text descriptions. The retailer can then run advanced analytical queries across billions of rows of data return in under a second, giving the retailer the ability to understand its operations at a much more granular level, and in real time. With just two queries, the retailer could understand where their highest organic food product sales were occurring throughout the nation.

Kinetica enables the retailer to integrate, fuse, and conceptualize high-volume historical and live streaming data feeds coming in from multiple sources (such as store locations, social media, demographics, traffic, and weather), serve on-demand queries, and perform on-the-fly geospatial analysis on a series of changing variables within a multi-dimensional space.

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