GPU-Accelerated Analytics for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Monitor & manage disease outbreak on massive geospatial & temporal datasets
From patient care to pharmaceutical testing, monitoring contagion spread to genetic testing, new opportunities are arising to leverage increasing data volumes for improved outcomes. Kinetica, a GPU-accelerated analytics database, makes it possible for healthcare and life science organizations to derive faster insights from vast volumes of streaming data. Kinetica brings fast and actionable analytics to the point of care, where the benefits can be lifesaving.

High Performance Analytics Database, Advancing Life Sciences

10x-100x faster analytics on 1/10 the hardware, compared to even the most advanced in-memory analytics systems

Lightning Fast Query

In benchmark tests, Kinetica returns results for advanced analytical queries on billions of rows of data in well under a second. Ideal for genetic sequencing and pharmaceutical research.

Ideal for Streaming Data

Parallel ingest and reduced reliance on indexes means data on Kinetica is available for query the moment it arrives.

Flexible Access

Data in Kinetica can be accessed in many ways: query data directly with SQL, access via popular data visualization and exploration tools, or even run custom algorithms in-database.

Geospatial Visualization

Visualize patterns on large volumes of geospatial and temporal data. Kinetica is ideal for monitoring and managing disease outbreaks and environmental health concerns.
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Real-Time Analytics for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Kinetica brings fast & actionable analytics to consumer healthcare & pharmaceutical research, where the benefits can be lifesaving.

Hear from Mark Ramsey, the chief data officer for research and development at GSK, a 300-year-old pharmaceutical
company that is using Kinetica to develop new ways to identify potential medicines and bring them to market faster.

Drug Discovery and Development

Bringing new drugs to market is an expensive, lengthy, laborious, and risky process requiring billions in upfront investments with low success rates. Kinetica can help researchers use algorithmic techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP) with easy-to-use visual analytics tools to interactively run 1000s of simulations across complex data sets and find signals in the noise. By delivering a fast, simple, and powerful data and analytics solution, Kinetica accelerates the drug discovery, development, and clinical trials process minimizing costs, reducing risks, and saving lives.

One of the things I like about Kinetica is it gives us more of a general-purpose use of the technology. There has been a lot of software created to answer certain questions [but] highly specialized tools have limited functionality and are tuned to do a certain workload.
Mark Ramsey, Chief Data Officer at GSK   - in InformationWeek

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine involves the identification of which approaches will be effective for which patients based on genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. In clinical research, information sets are so large and complex that it can be difficult for researchers to analyze the data and determine what types of treatments patients will respond to.

Kinetica can be used in genomics to develop effective, safe medications and doses that will be tailored to variations in a person’s genes. Researchers can analyze transcriptomics to identify new genome signals in order to accurately predict drug targets.

Patient 360

Many healthcare organizations are limited by the speed of data processing. In addition, hospitals find it difficult to scale real-time queries to data volumes required for IoT analysis. Kinetica enables hospitals and healthcare organizations to easily scale to IoT data volume requirements. Health data that’s gathered from a patient can be analyzed in order to determine if the data matches patterns that predict a higher risk for a negative health event.

Kinetica’s GPU-accelerated database is well-suited for ingesting and performing real-time analysis on streaming data from health monitoring devices and other medical equipment, giving physicians real-time visibility into their patient’s status. With the Kinetica Reveal visualization framework and its native geospatial visualization pipeline, organizations can instantly see locational, time-based and other changes across large datasets as the underlying data or queries change.

A leading healthcare organization is using Kinetica for spatial analytics and map-based visualizations to data sourced from its electronic medical records and from publicly and commercially available datasets. The results help them understand the health needs of their members in the context of their communities and better respond to community needs.

Healthcare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Healthcare fraud exceeds tens of millions of dollars every year in the United States. Fraud techniques continue to evolve at a very rapid pace, making it difficult to keep detection models up to date. In addition, traditional methods for detecting health care fraud and abuse are time-consuming and inefficient. One way payers can use Kinetica to detect fraudulent claims and assess member risk is by creating a visual mapping of patients, providers, pharmacies, and claims to identify groups of actors or claims that may indicate unusual behavior. Healthcare waste and abuse totals billions of dollars annually. Kinetica can help providers and payers reduce waste in healthcare spending with fast, actionable insights on clinical care, pricing, inventory and supply chain.

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