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Active Analytics for Health & Safety

Whether disease tracking, measuring distancing scoring, managing supply chains, or responding to the data coming out of this crisis at rapid pace, policy makers and public health organizations need the instantaneous analysis to react quickly and effectively.


Disease Spread Tracking

Kinetica can analyze spread at a state, county, or city-wide level using contour analysis. Our machine learning-powered predictive analytics calculate the next likely hot spots, giving emergency response teams a jump on planning where to send equipment and supplies, and how many resources to allocate there. Using Kinetica, you can visualize a heatmap of cases across a location over time, and you can drill down for a more granular view.

Social Distancing Scores

Using anonymous location data aggregated across towns, regions, and states, health and public safety officials can monitor shelter in place compliance. Kinetica calculates a social distancing score by combining myriad mobile, social, and IoT data streams to visualize anonymized device location movement. Public agencies can visualize density maps, updated in real time, to identify areas of community gathering and respond with policies that ensure safe social distancing measures.

Social Movement Activity-2

Supply Chain Logistics

Stream inventory data and restock automatically, from medical supplies to emergency equipment, consumer goods to food supplies, sending inventory where it’s needed most. Combine and analyze current supply chain data to fill in the gaps before customers ever see any. Enable simultaneous ingest and analysis of relevant fast-moving streaming data sources, from sensors to personnel, weather, traffic. View and track deliveries in real-time to provide shorter delivery windows and give customers the certainty they seek. Leverage geospatial capabilities to visualize your fleet in real-time and identify and act on efficiencies as they present themselves.

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