Banking & Capital Markets

Volatile economic conditions, fierce competition, and growing technology demands challenge banking and capital markets organizations. Modernizing and simplifying analytics infrastructure can help organizations to keep up with the speed, scale, and complexity of financial data and deliver differentiated services to customers. Active analytics unifies streaming, historical, and location analytics with machine learning on a single platform to power real-time trade and risk decisioning applications that increase revenue and improve compliance.

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Converge streaming and historical data with integrated pricing and risk models in a single platform to achieve real-time portfolio risk analysis and keep pace with the market. Generate on-demand risk results for multiple models to meet both business and regulatory requirements. Perform ad hoc scenario analysis at scale to test portfolio risk exposure and make data-driven decisions for future trades.

Datasheet: Kinetica for Real-Time Portfolio Risk Analysis


Beat the competition with faster, more accurate modeling and valuation of real estate assets at scale. Enrich mortgage default risk analysis with diverse streaming, historical, and geospatial data sources to uncover interesting investment opportunities. Apply statistical models for additional insight into optimal assets to buy and sell. Analyze scenarios in detail to reduce risk and generate better returns.

mortgage risks
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Generate on-demand transaction cost analysis (TCA) reports to determine the effectiveness of complex transactions. Deliver fast analytics on streaming and historical trade data to understand trade execution, timing, and cost. Help traders to reduce slippage and maximize trade revenue while satisfying best execution regulations. Use the power of machine learning to run models on TCA data and deliver predictive insights that improve future trades. Enhance client-facing TCA applications with active analytics to deliver a self-service experience that stands out.


Accelerate complex systemic risk analysis across disparate data to meet critical regulations, like Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) or BCBS 239. Leverage fast results to run more simulations and stress tests to assess exposure. Perform “what if” analysis at scale and adjust variables for market conditions, volatility, and other factors to more precisely model the impact of real-world events on systemic risk.

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Solving the Active Analytics Challenge in Finance