Financial Services

Fluctuating economic conditions, fierce competition, and growing technical demands challenge the financial services sector. Decisive moves to modernize analytics infrastructure can help unlock the large volumes of data available to financial services to tackle these challenges. Active analytics powers advanced risk solutions, new data-driven products and services, and AI applications that can help to strengthen the core business, reduce costs, and optimize digital operations.



Move risk analysis from batch and overnight processing to streaming, intraday analysis of high frequency data feeds at scale to improve business decision-making. Accelerate risk calculations like value-at-risk, liquidity coverage ratios, Monte Carlo simulations, and xVA to gain a clearer understanding of risk exposure. Perform scenario analysis and ad hoc analytics at high speed, enabling real-time P&L calculations, trade optimization, and more. Consolidate complex risk calculation engines with a flexible, high-performance platform, leveraged at scale across business units for proactive risk management.


Modernize risk infrastructure to improve capital management and optimization, drive cost savings, and comply with regulations like FRTB and BCBS 239. Enhance performance for value-at-risk and expected shortfall calculations to support the methodologies and processes demanded by FRTB. Improve alignment between business units with a unified risk platform that drives consistent data and analytics for FRTB compliance. Accelerate regulatory report processing and move compliance from a batch process to analysis in real-time for greater accuracy.



Combine complex structured and unstructured data feeds for analysis to gain a holistic view of a customer or trader’s activity and enhance fraud detection. Visualize and interact with large-scale streaming, geospatial, and transactional data in real-time to spot fraud as it’s taking place. Apply machine learning to billions of data points to identify anomalies and flag suspicious behavior in both retail banking and trading scenarios.


Dynamically analyze customer location, transactions, and interests to deliver targeted marketing offers and create a personalized, omnichannel experience. Gain a single view of the customer and their relationships across channels. OVO, the largest digital wallet in Indonesia, leverages Kinetica to deliver real- time marketing offers to users, combining location, past transactions, and other profile information to create a contextual, high-value experience.


Combine analytics and machine learning in a single platform to reduce data movement, complexity, cost, and deployment time. Build machine learning into new and existing products and services to improve efficiency, customer experience, accuracy, and insight. Develop AI-driven applications using Kinetica’s integration with RAPIDS to unlock the power of an end-to-end GPU-accelerated data science pipeline.


Active analytics can help banks to build smart analytical applications that can uncover new data insights and serve as the foundation for new products and services to monetize it.


Solving the Active Analytics Challenge in Finance