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What could you do if you could
explore your data 100 times faster?

The Kinetica's vectorized architecture delivers unmatched performance for real-time analysis of massive data sets, particularly for use cases where time and location matter.

High Performance Analytics on Fast-Moving Data

With it's lockless architiecture, Kinetica is a true real-time analytics database that makes data available for query as soon as it arrives. Vectorized processing cuts response on complex analytical queries minutes (or even hours) to less than a second for multi-billion row data sets.

And because Kinetica has the raw horsepower to perform brute-force queries without extensive indexing of data, you'll no longer need to know every question you want to ask of the data before you start exploring it. This makes Kinetica the ideal solution for data discovery projects.

GPU-acceleration powers the fastest analytics database, ever »

Kinetica is an ideal tool for data discovery
Flight incursions into Area 51?
Flight incursions into Area 51?

Location-Based Analytics

See the when and where - here and now. Adding location and time dimensions to data makes it significantly more valuable, but much harder to process and analyze.

Kinetica solves this problem with a native geospatial and visualization pipeline that makes it simpler to work with vast sets of geospatial data. The combination of native geospatial object types, specialized geospatial functions, and advanced visualizations leveraging the power of the GPU —makes Kinetica the ideal solution especially when location and time data is important.

Interactive Location-Based Analytics at Scale »

Run AI Workloads Alongside BI

User-defined functions (UDFs) enable compute as well as data-processing, within the database.

Before now, organizations typically needed to extract data to specialized environments to take advantage of GPU acceleration for data science workloads, such as machine learning and deep learning. Kinetica now makes it possible for sophisticated data science models to be developed and made available on the same database platform as is used for business analytics.

UDFs and the associated orchestration API enable data to be processed with custom code that can draw on the power of distributed GPUs. UDFs have direct access to CUDA APIs, and can take full advantage of the distributed architecture of Kinetica.

With In-database processing in Kinetica, data-science groups can develop models on the same database platform as business users.
Example of an SQL statement used on Kinetica, a GPU-accelerated in-memory analytical database.

Empower Analysts and Business Users

It’s easy to connect Kinetica to popular visualization tools – such as Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, and Microstrategy – through Kinetica's ODBC/JDBC driver. Kinetica also provides full SQL query support, free-text search, and visualization tools. Business users can explore massive data sets and uncover insights faster than ever before without having to learn new languages or construct data models.


Accelerate Your Data Warehouse

Kinetica provides a high speed in-memory layer for your most critical enterprise data.

Offload analytics from expensive relational databases or accelerate the performance of your existing analytics tools and applications. Kinetica is an ideal companion for a data warehouse struggling to keep pace with real-time demands associated with IoT.

Kinetica as a Speed Layer for the Data Lake »

Kinetica works alongside existing data lakes and transactional systems
The Kinetica GPU database solves many of the challenges of the lambda architecture.

Overcome NoSQL Complexity

Spark and NoSQL promise to take Hadoop beyond batch, but face challenges in operational complexity, expense, and how their stream processing layers retrieve aggregations or analytics within the streaming latency window.

For organizations with truly real-time business needs, The Kinetica Streaming Data Warehouse is an accelerated, in-memory, vectorized database with high-performance analytics that’s powerful and fast enough to process at scale, in real time, so there is no need to precompute aggregates and indexes, or run additional caching systems.

Proven at Scale

Kinetica is in complex operational environments today

GSK Innovates in Pharma Research with Kinetica

GSK’s data science and analytics teams use Kinetica on existing GPU infrastructure for  advanced and innovative use cases.

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Global Retailer Uses AI to Guide Customer Interactions

Kinetica is being used to improve customer engagement by a major global retailer, in addition to better monitoring and replenishment of stock.

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Joint Analytics & Rewards Platform

Lippo Group uses Kinetica to power their Digital Analytics Platform, and OVO – a rewards program serving 120 million customers.
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Businesses across a range of industries benefit from The Kinetica Streaming Data Warehouse


As financial institutions face increasing regulatory requirements, increased competition, and an increase in customer demand, Kinetica offers ways to get faster and more flexible insight into financial operations, customers, and markets. Uses include:

  • Fraud Detection Performing ad-hoc analysis on the volumes and disparate types of data necessary for fraud detection is a challenge for even the most advanced data systems. GPU accelerated compute enables those who model fraud to more quickly explore anomalies and patterns of behavior that signal problems.
  • Regulatory Compliance The ad-hoc query demands of regulatory compliance are frequently slow and cumbersome on the large datasets involved. Kinetica brings brute-force compute power to enable complex queries without the need to pre-index data. Kinetica’s horizontally scalable architecture allows for reporting on a massive scale.
  • Real-time Transaction Analysis Measuring risk, spotting customer behavioral patterns, and discovering upsell opportunities are some of the workloads that are becoming too large and too slow for traditional RDBMS. Kinetica’s ability to ingest and query data at scale offers financial institutions a myriad of ways to cut costs and improve profitability.

Finance Solutions »
Find out more about how financial organizations are using Kinetica.

Kinetica can be used to track and analyze huge volumes of moving assets and inventory – ideal for generating faster and more relevant intelligence across a company’s supply chain. For example:

  • Supply Chain Optimization Kinetica’s geospatial capabilities are well suited for optimizing supply chain and monitoring vehicle and product movement. Use this visibility to reduce transportation costs, keep an eye on SLAs, and monitor resource productivity.
  • Store Operations & Inventory Make the most of new types of data from RFID to in-store sensors to gain better visibility into inventory and customer buying process. Kinetica enables planners to ask complex questions from diverse sets of data, and easily visualize inventory as it moves through location over time.
  • Inventory Optimization Use Kinetica to track inventory over time and refine optimal inventory stock levels and inventory budget, and customize fulfillment strategies according to type of customer.

Retail Solutions »
Learn more about how retailers gain real-time visibility across the supply chain

As communications service providers experience a huge increase in data coming across their networks, Kinetica's ability to perform real-time analysis on streaming data opens new opportunities:

  • Customer 360 Analyze multiple streams of data in real time in order to develop new insights about customers. These insights can be used to make more agile decisions on product development, network operations, sales, and risk management activities.
  • Network Management/Optimization Keeping up with the immense volume of signals coming in from network devices is a struggle for even the most advanced in-memory systems. Kinetica finally enables true real-time analysis of network and call data to identify and address hotspots or issues affecting service levels.
  • New Business Opportunities The ability to perform truly real-time analysis on vast and streaming datasets opens new opportunities to monetize network meta-data. Extract value from viewership trends, analyze geographic usage patterns, and optimize programming.

Telecommunications Solutions »
Find out more about how telco’s are using Kinetica.

Use Kinetica to provide insights into how to cut costs, optimize investments, and reduce risk. Here are a few examples of where Kinetica can be put to work in the energy sector:

  • Exploration Reduce risk in exploration through richer analysis of seismic data and fault modeling. Processing seismic data to interpret subsurface features can be data and processing intensive. Use Kinetica to analyze and visualize seismic data, as well as track data from logs and sources.
  • Energy Generation Management Discovering new value from high volumes of streaming IoT data is one of the biggest opportunities in energy today. Kinetica makes it easier and faster to do real-time ad-hoc analysis of such streaming data… perfect for feeds from smart meters to optimize grid device performance.
  • Drilling and Production Leverage real-time sensor data in order to monitor drilling and production performance while preventing safety and environmental problems. Kinetica’s geospatial UI enables you to analyze data streaming in from sensors and geospatially visualize data from pipelines, wells, and spatial data.

Energy Solutions »
Find out more about how energy companies are using Kinetica.

Many of the biggest challenges in healthcare are being solved through analysis of large datasets. The brute-force compute power of Kinetica is well suited for:

  • Patient Monitoring & Care Kinetica is well suited to ingesting and performing real-time analysis on streaming data from health monitoring devices and other medical equipment. Physicians can be instantly alerted to any changes in a patient’s condition.
  • Health Sciences Kinetica’s ability to perform sub-second queries on multi-billion row data sets is highly valuable for medical research. Store and process large volumes of sequencing data in order to accelerate research and development.
  • Quality Improvement Collate EMR data, cost data, billing data and customer satisfaction to identify opportunities for improvement. Kinetica enables analysts to write ad-hoc queries over large datasets to discover insights without the need to pre-index or manipulate data.

Healthcare Solutions »
Find out more about how health and life-sciences organizations are using Kinetica.

Kinetica can track in real time huge volumes of moving assets and inventory, enabling faster and more relevant intelligence to be shared across a company’s supply chain and operations with real-time location intelligence. For example:

  • Transportation Analytics Kinetica’s advanced geospatial analysis can track vehicle and package movement to reroute assets on the fly based on weather, traffic, and other variables–saving time and costs–and to understand exact delivery times so you can efficiently allocate resources.
  • Route Planning and Optimization Empower store and distribution channels to make queries on inventory based on geography and time so as to make better use of warehousing and manufacturing facilities. Optimize routes and shipments on trucks by minimizing the distance they travel and the number of stops. Example from USPS
  • Inventory Optimization Use Kinetica to track inventory over time to refine and optimize inventory assortment based on regional or store-level demographics, and create targeted and customized fulfillment strategies by store.

Logistics Solutions »
Find out more about how logistics organizations are using Kinetica.

Kinetica can track in real time huge volumes of data, enabling faster and more relevant analysis that can be shared for the public good, for improving efficiency, or for national security. For example:

  • Security & Defense Already proven with US Army Intelligence, Kinetica is a ideal for exploration and analysis of large volumes of streaming geospatial data. Natural language processing and machine learning on the GPU provides a powerful foundation for intelligence.
  • Resource Management & Optimization Manage assets and improve efficiency. Kinetica is ideal for tracking and monitoring people and assets with real-time location intelligence. Native geospatial functions provide a rich suite of tools for interactive analysis of patterns, monitoring usage and identifying efficiency gains. USPS Tracks Deliveries with Kinetica »
  • Improve Public Services Kinetica provides access to sophisticated tools for seeing new patterns and adapting services to meet increasing demands. Machine learning running in-database can provide predictive support for traffic forecasting, weather and climate study, and flight and shipping tracking.

Government Solutions »
Find out more about how government and the public sector is using Kinetica.

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