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Introduction to GPUs for Data Analytics

Advances and Applications for Accelerated Computing

What's in the Book?

After decades of achieving steady gains in price/performance, Moore’s Law has finally run its course for CPUs. Fortunately, GPUs now offer a more capable and cost-effective alternative for scaling compute for the next generation of database and big data analytics applications.

This Book provides an educational overview of how advances in high-performance computing technology are addressing current and future database and big data analytics challenges. It covers:

  1. High Performance Computing with GPUsUnderstand how GPUs work, and where they will break through compute limitations commonly seen today.
  2. New OpportunitiesThe data applications and analytics use-cases that stand to benefit from GPU acceleration.
  3. Convergence of AI and BIHow GPU-accelerated in-database processing enables business users and data scientists to work in a unified system.
  4. Cognitive ComputingA vision for the future of analytics and the new opportunities that are opening with the abundance of compute.


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