Platform Overview

Kinetica Active Analytics

Kinetica brings together all key elements of active analytics in a unified platform: historical data analytics, streaming data analytics, location intelligence, and artificial intelligence. The Kinetica Active Analytics Platform is cloud-ready, and dramatically simplifies the typical architecture for smart applications, with unmatched performance.

GPU-Accelerated Database

At its core is a distributed, in-memory GPU-accelerated database that utilizes the full processing power of CPUs and GPUs to analyze massive, complex datasets with millisecond response times.

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Streaming Analytics

The Kinetica Platform can analyze complex, multidimensional streaming and batch data interactively. Organizations can combine real-time data pipelines and historical data to generate better informed insights. Constantly assess and query data in real-time and action other systems based on results.

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Location Intelligence

Leveraging the power of GPUs, Kinetica is especially well-suited to location intelligence, bringing your geospatial and business data together under one roof. The platform is designed from the ground up to deliver interactive geospatial analysis at unprecedented scale, blending your streaming and historical location-enabled business data on-demand.

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Artificial Intelligence

With a “Bring Your Own Algorithm” approach, organizations can embed machine learning and advanced algorithms into their active analytical applications without the headache of complex data engineering, migrating data between disparate systems.

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The platform’s cloud-ready architecture delivers high availability, push button deployments, cloud elasticity, and auto scaling across public and private cloud infrastructure.

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Smart Applications

With Kinetica, developers have all of the tools they can leverage in a single platform to meet all of their project requirements.

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