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Kinetica Streaming Data Warehouse

Kinetica combines historical and streaming data analysis with powerful location intelligence and AI in a single platform, all easily accessible via API and SQL, for instant results. Your data is only as powerful as your platform. Analyze and act on it with Kinetica.

A Modern Platform for Data-Driven Business

The Kinetica Streaming Data Warehouse

Unify Analysis

Streaming + Historical
Analyze streaming and historical data together in the same platform in real time.

Many Tools, One Platform
Easily integrate SQL, machine learning, spatial analytics, graph, text search, and time series operations using only Kinetica.

Get Context with Location Intelligence

Streaming IoT + Historical Data
Blend streaming IoT data with historical location-enabled business data.

Fast Spatial Queries
Execute spatial queries on huge datasets quickly, and make ML-powered predictions.

Native Geospatial Visualization
Interactively visualize dynamic map features with Kinetica's web map service endpoint or GeoJSON from the API.

Analyze as Fast as Data Streams

Analyze While You Stream
Analyze streaming and historical data at high volume and velocity with zero latency.

Massive Scale
Process large-scale queries with thousands of messages per second flowing in, and join with billions of records on the fly.

Many Feeds, One Warehouse
Incorporate hundreds of data feeds to assess and take action

ML Feature Engineering
Generate features inline, in real time, as input for machine learning models.

Process all the Data

Larger Scale for Better Accuracy
Quickly explore data at petabyte scale for more accurate, nuanced findings.

Unlock Your Data
Easily incorporate underutilized data stored in data lakes without letting it become stale.

Control Your TCO
Balance the data available in memory and in cold storage to better control your TCO.

Enrich with Machine Learning

ML Deployment & Inferencing
Host and deploy ML models and simplify your data orchestration. Store and audit inferences with ease.

GPU-Accelerated Training
Explore ML models with GPU acceleration.

Flexible ML Deployment Modes
Score high volumes of data with batch, continuous, or on-demand model deployment modes.

Execute Better with Optimized Analytics Architecture

Modern Architecture
Kinetica is a distributed, memory-first, GPU-accelerated database that takes advantage of modern architectures to give the best performance possible.

Scale Up and Out
Kinetica can be scaled up or out to expand computing power and to balance query processing.

Separate Compute and Storage
Separate compute and storage to achieve petabyte capacity with Kinetica's Tiered Storage architecture.

Meet Enterprise Requirements for High-Value Projects

Kinetica meets stringent enterprise IT requirements, including data protections, security protocols, administration ease.

Deploy in the Cloud or On-Prem
Kinetica can be deployed on all major cloud providers and on-prem.

High Availability
Automatically configure resilience and high availability for large-scale load balancing and disaster recovery.

Work with Developer-Friendly Features

Rich APIs & Connectors
Kinetica offers a rich set of APIs and connectors to help you build real-time applications.

Many Code Languages
Kinetica supports SQL, REST, and native language bindings for popular languages to invoke database operations.

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