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Nimbix + Kinetica

Nimbix offers accelerated deep learning and analytics capabilities in the cloud with Kinetica.

Nimbix provides on-demand and scalable compute resources that enable organizations to run large-scale High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads in the cloud. With the Nimbix cloud platform for high performance computing and Kinetica, you can explore the full potential in your data and deliver truly real-time insights. The Nimbix Cloud is an award-winning high performance computing (HPC) platform for enterprises and end users who demand performance and ease of use. It brings an unprecedented level of performance and ease of use in running high-performance applications and workflows in the cloud. Nimbix is designed to run applications on accelerated hardware without the overhead of virtualization, so you benefit from faster access and superior hardware performance.

Enabling the highest performance for researchers, data scientists, and engineers looking to leverage optimized workflows

Through an easy to use portal or a powerful processing API, the Nimbix Cloud runs compute intensive applications on the industry’s first true supercomputing cloud. Unlike other public clouds that rely on virtualization for machine provisioning, the Nimbix Cloud runs your applications on bare-metal machines, which translates to better performance at the lowest cost, getting you answers faster than any other solution alternative.

JARVICE is what makes the Nimbix Cloud unique. It’s the platform that delivers true HPC in the cloud. Run your enterprise HPC applications in a browser or hand JARVICE a job via its API. Nimbix and the JARVICE platform can scale to meet almost any demand for your large data sets.

Kinetica on the Nimbix Cloud harnesses the power of parallel GPUs to deliver real-time analytics, while also providing tremendous ease-of-use via the Nimbix Cloud environment. Virtualizing GPUs in the cloud gives you unprecedented computing capabilities to help you solve some of your biggest data analytics challenges.

POWER8 in the Nimbix Cloud

Nimbix uses IBM Power Systems S822LC (Minsky) for high performance computing powered by the 128-thread POWER8 CPU. The machines are uniquely suited to GPU-accelerated, high performance computing applications such as Kinetica and are fine-tuned for deep learning, artificial intelligence, and cognitive computing.


  • 128 threads, 4 x NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs, and 128 GB of RAM
  • NVIDIA NVLink for multi-GPU utilization
  • PushToCompute leverages familiar continuous integration and continuous deployment workflows for deploying applications to POWER8 architecture machines
  • PushToCompute build service for compiling POWER8 applications and deploying application images directly to JARVICE
  • Turn-key workflows on JARVICE transparently leverage the compute capabilities of IBM POWER without architecture-specific expertise

The hardware is equipped with their standard supercomputing network fabric, FDR Infiniband, and Pascal-based NVIDIA Tesla P100s equipped with NVIDIA NVLink. The IBM and NVIDIA deployment on Nimbix is the first of its kind in the public cloud and is one most advanced computing platforms available on demand.

Kinetica runs on IBM Power 8 with four NVIDIA P100s equipped with NVLink to power Kinetica’s real-time GPU data processing. You can get up and running with Kinetica in just a few minutes at

Availability and Pricing

Get started with Kinetica on the Nimbix Cloud here.

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