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Webinar: The Modern Streaming Data Stack with Kinetica & StreamSets

A joint event with : StreamSets

Enterprises are now faced with wrangling massive volumes of complex, streaming data from a variety of different sources, a new paradigm known as extreme data. However, the traditional data integration model that’s based on structured batch data and stable data movement patterns makes it difficult to analyze extreme data in real-time. Join Matt Hawkins, Principal Solutions Architect at Kinetica and Mark Brooks, Solution Engineer at StreamSets as they share how innovative organizations are modernizing their data stacks with StreamSets and Kinetica to enable faster data movement and analysis. In this webinar we’ll explore:

  • The modern data architecture required for dealing with extreme data
  • How StreamSets enables continuous data movement and transformation across the enterprise
  • How Kinetica harnesses the power of GPUs to accelerate analytics on streaming data
  • A live demo of StreamSets and Kinetica connector to enable high speed data ingestion, queries and data visualization

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