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When Snowflakes Become a Snowstorm: Replicating a Legacy Data Warehouse in The Cloud is Not The Answer

MEET THE HOSTS: Dipti Joshi, Kinetica & Nima Negahban, CTO & Co-Founder, Kinetica

When a severe snowstorm hits you don’t want to bring a shovel when you really need a  plow. As enterprises confront a streaming data snowstorm in the cloud, they need to be thinking about new architectures and advanced analytical techniques to stay at the forefront of their industry. Implementing a cloud data warehouse strategy that suffers from the same issues as a traditional data warehouse is not the answer. As companies like Snowflake have proven, there is strong demand for cloud data warehouses to help consolidate the legacy data warehouse ecosystem. These systems make it extraordinarily easy to onboard data into your system, but over time can become highly complex to query and suffer from the same batch data constraints of the traditional data warehouses world. In this webinar, we will provide an alternative to the traditional cloud data warehouse conundrum, as well as guidance for a cost effective solution with Kinetica’s Streaming Data Warehouse.


  • A streaming data warehouse for high performance analytics as well as  integrated OLAP, streaming, location, graph and machine learning analytics in one platform
  • The solution for the use cases where Snowflake investments get hit by a snowstorm of streaming data – A product that is purpose-built, distributed, high performance data ingestion, which then makes data available for query as soon as it lands
  • How we helped a customer who needed to do rapid analysis on highly complex data sets at high concurrency and lower their overall cost of data warehouse ownership
  • Provide a path to lower total cost of ownership, higher performance & enhanced capabilities


Director, Product Management




CTO & Co-Founder


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