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How Lippo Group Leverages Geospatial Data to Understand Their Customers Better

A joint event with : NVIDIA

As more and more data becomes available from sensors, customers, and transactions—much of it with time and location information—organizations are eager to analyze these data sets and visualize the results on maps. However, most databases simply aren’t designed to perform large-scale geospatial analytics in a reasonable amount of time. The second challenge is how to visualize large geospatial datasets with any sort of interactivity.

Fortunately, GPUs are able to solve these computational challenges. Kinetica’s spatially-aware database has a geometry engine built in, can work natively with geospatial data, and compute relationships between shapes and objects within a single system.

In this webinar, learn how the Lippo Group, one of Asia’s largest conglomerates, was able to leverage OVO, their “Smart Digital Channel” and Kinetica’s GPU-accelerated database to generate 360-degree views of their customers from multiple industry data sources and interact with these customers in a personalized way, while also opening up new revenue streams from data monetization.

Join Kinetica Marketing Manager, Mark Johnson, OVO Lippo Digital’s Head of Solutions, Benny Riadi, OVO Lippo Digital’s Senior Insights & Business Visualization Analyst, Riki Pribadi for and Dr. Ettikan Karuppiah from NVIDIA to learn more about:

  1. How NVIDIA GPUs allow customers to innovatively create an API marketplace for various data analytics operations using Kinetica, leading to new complex query possibilities.
  2. How Lippo Group leveraged Kinetica’s GPU-accelerated database to understand consumers better, meet their needs and expectations, and make informed operational and product decisions. Watch a live demo and learn more details in Lippo’s fascinating case study presentation.

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