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Streaming Data Warehouses: A Next-Generation Architecture For Real-time Analytics At Scale

MEET THE HOSTS: Nima Negahban, Co-founder and CTO, Kinetica  / Irina Farooq, Chief Product Officer, Kinetica

Developing real-time analytical applications that operate at the speed and scale of digital business requires new solutions. Join our webinar with Nima Negahban, our co-founder and CTO, and Irina Farooq, our chief product officer, to learn how Kinetica transforms the typical architecture for real-time analytics. Kinetica converges the ability to do streaming, historical, location, and graph analytics as well as machine learning on a single, unified platform to deliver unparalleled performance and simplicity. The world’s leading organizations including GSK, Citi, and the United States Postal Service trust Kinetica to power data intensive, business critical applications.


  • How the Kinetica Streaming Data Warehouse modernizes and simplifies the data infrastructure for real-time, complex analytics compared to legacy solutions
  • Kinetica’s key differentiators: performance at scale, integrated analytics, flexible deployment, and the ability to analyze as fast as you can stream
  • Example architectures of Kinetica in action at some of the world’s largest organizations for high value, data-driven use cases
  • Updates in the latest release of Kinetica including tiered storage and external tables, enhanced data security features, and improved high availability and monitoring to better support enterprise applications

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