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Introducing The AI Database: A Prerequisite to Operationalizing Machine and Deep Learning

A joint event with : Forrester Research

Pragmatic AI is here and the results are real for enterprises that know the ropes. Powerful predictive models, computer vision, and natural language understanding are a few of the applications that enterprises of all kinds can apply to a broad number of use cases. The good news is that much of the work to infuse applications with AI can be performed by data scientists and perseverant developers who are willing to learn new machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow on GPU systems. The incessant challenge is that AI needs powerful and performant data management and processing capabilities to support the full AI development lifecycle and quickly create accurate models.

Join guest speaker Forrester VP & Principal Analyst, Mike Gualtieri and Kinetica’s Mate Radalj, for a high energy webinar about the potential and reality of AI, a demystification of the AI development lifecycle, and, finally, the characteristics of an AI database.

Topics covered include:

  • State of AI within enterprises – separating hype from the reality
  • Practical considerations for successfully managing AI development life-cycles – differentiating factors, risks, and best practices
  • How an AI database uses modern processors such as GPUs and next-generation CPUs to delivers the ease-of-use, scale, and speed to quickly train, deploy and manage machine and deep learning models

About the Speakers

Mike Gualtieri

Mike’s research focuses on software technology, platforms, and practices that enable technology professionals to deliver prescient digital experiences and breakthrough operational efficiency. His key technology and platform coverage areas are big data and IoT strategy; Hadoop/Spark; predictive analytics, streaming analytics, and prescriptive analytics; and machine learning, data science, AI, and emerging technologies that make software faster and smarter.

Mate Radalj

Mate Radalj is VP, Advanced Technology Solutions, and joined Kinetica from Infosys, where he was Associate Vice President and Principal Technologist. Prior to Infosys, he we was a Vice President and Principal Software Engineer at SAP. Mate also had prior experience at Netezza, IBM, SignalDemand, Celquest, Callixa, Softport, Informix, and American International Credit. Previously, Mate was a US Army Military Intelligence Officer.

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