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GPUs and GPU databases: A silver bullet to manage your IoT data and analytics tsunami

A joint event with : NVIDIA

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens tremendous opportunities for field-deployed devices such as autonomous cars, offshore oil rigs, cell towers, factories, and heavy machinery to connect, communicate, and operate smarter. Data gathered from connected devices can be enriched with weather, social media, and other 3rd-party data and turned into real-time actionable insights. Companies can now detect patterns and anomalies in real time to build, manage, and maintain better products and services.

Managing IoT information with traditional data and analytics often mean operating with ‘old’ and limited data, complex and specialized systems, high latency, and exorbitant costs. Modern approaches using NVIDIA GPUs and a GPU-accelerated database have emerged to cost-effectively capture, manage, and act on fast-moving IoT data.

In this webinar, Jim McHugh, Vice President and GM at NVIDIA, along with Amit Vij, Founder and CEO at Kinetica, will help you understand:

  • How IoT can help enterprises improve product reliability, operational efficiency, customer experience, and reduce costs
  • How field deployed IoT devices are driving rapid expansion and sophistication of data and insight
  • How GPUs and GPU-accelerated databases deliver speed, scale, and intelligence for IoT by converging Machine Learning and OLAP, and enable real-time insights to get to decisions and actions faster

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