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How GPUs are Accelerating Analytics for Finance

A joint event with : NVIDIA

Kinetica and NVIDIA have partnered together to provide enterprises the fastest and most scalable GPU-accelerated, in-memory database solution that’s used to solve real-world business and analytics problems for all types of data in motion. The unique multi-core architecture of GPUs makes it possible to process many computations efficiently and quickly, making it ideal for today’s streaming datasets and IoT use cases as well as for fast high-speed data ingest and real-time data analytics.

Kinetica’s Eric Mizell, VP of Global Solution Engineering, and NVIDIA’s Charlie Boyle, Sr. Director Product Marketing, are joined by featured speaker Gerald A. Hanweck, PhD, CEO and Co-founder of Hanweck to present :

  • GPUs have evolved from being primarily a consumer-gaming focused component to having new commercial and consumer applications in real-time data analytics
  • Financial services organizations and insurance companies leverage real-time transaction analysis for stronger portfolio management.
  • Manage risk and detect fraud by ad-hoc analysis on large volumes and disparate types of data. More quickly explore anomalies and patterns of behavior that signal problems
  • Lower compliance and regulatory costs

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