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Accelerated Analytics, from Soup to Nuts, with Kinetica and NVIDIA GPU Cloud

A joint event with : NVIDIA

In this era of extreme data, companies need to address massive sets of complex data at unparalleled speed, with streaming data analysis, visual foresight and streamlined machine learning. With the Kinetica insight engine available in a ready-to-run software container from NVIDIA GPU Cloud, enterprises now have a “push button” method to quickly operationalize extreme analytics, machine learning and data visualization with the power of GPU computing across cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployment models.

 In this webinar you will learn that:

  • A GPU-accelerated database can deliver up to 100x performance improvements on a fraction of the hardware of CPU-bound systems
  • NVIDIA GPU Cloud makes it easy to access ready-to-run, GPU-optimized software containers

Plus live demos on:

  • Analyzing a 14 billion record dataset of raw mobile signal events to give a telecommunications provider new operational insight on Kinetica
  • Easily finding and downloading the pre-configured Kinetica container from NVIDIA GPU Cloud

About the Speakers

Daniel Raskin, CMO, Kinetica

Daniel is the Chief Marketing Officer at Kinetica, where he is responsible for leading all aspects of worldwide marketing. Daniel has approximately 20 years of experience building brands and driving product leadership. Prior to joining Kinetica, he was Vice President of  Marketing and most recently served as Senior Vice President of Product Management at ForgeRock, a digital identity management company. Prior to that role, Daniel was Chief Identity Strategist at Sun Microsystems.


Chris Kawalek, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

Chris has over 20 years of experience in product marketing and product management for enterprise technologies. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Chris held senior product roles at ForgeRock, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and was a founder of Caststream.

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