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Using Active Analytics Against COVID-19

Julie and Neel Shah’s recent article in the Harvard Business Review highlights the crucial role big data and analytics will play in the COVID-19 response, whether in forecasting the spread of the virus or in predictively adapting supply chains. 

The crisis demands real-time, data-driven decisions. Visualizing anonymized mobile data could be pivotal in combating community spread and eventually understanding which areas can exit shelter-in-place. However, for public health risk-assessments to be accurate, they must be supported by actionable insights from live data. 

Logistics and transportation companies will need to further embrace AI for adapting supply chains to changing circumstances. Next-gen active analytics can enable real-time route optimization, as well as dynamic inventory replenishment based on events as they occur. Applying these capabilities to items such as medical equipment and food supplies can minimize disruption and improve our flexibility in responding to this crisis. 

For more on how technology can help, visit our COVID-19 response page. 

Andrew Wooler, Business Development, Kinetica

MIT Technology Review

Making Sense of Sensor Data

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