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Using Kinetica Technology
to Aid in Crisis

For researchers, data scientists, and academics trying to analyze the impact of COVID-19, we would like to help. We can give you free software and provide quick-start assistance.

COVID-19 Real-Time Crisis Management

Disaster Tech & Kinetica Combine Massive Data Streams to Direct Emergency Response Plans

Disaster Tech and Kinetica arm emergency response teams with a comprehensive data platform powered by NVIDIA, combining more than 30 government, public health, and private sector sources to deliver up-to-date intel such as hospital capacity and testing kit and equipment availability. Learn more.



Aggregate anonymized data to model and visualize mobile phone locations, mapping at home, at work, at the store, out in public, and en route, in order to help policy makers monitor community spread, implement effective contact tracing, and make fast, data-driven decisions about public safety.

Dynamically visualize and analyze network performance in real time to increase network capacity at hospitals and in other areas in crisis. Apply predictive analytics and machine learning to understand network impacts and weaknesses in a population-dense environment in crisis.

We need network capacity now more than ever. Accelerate 5G rollout with interactive network visualization at scale, line-of-sight analysis, and predictive modeling of small cell network coverage to optimize decision-making. Run real-time scenario analyses leveraging RF propagation models to predict the impact of adding or moving 5G cells and consider more deployment configurations. Learn More.


We are working with our customers to coordinate data-driven emergency response efforts happening now. By aggregating and tracking data relevant to COVID-19 emergency response, we can combine current data such as hospital capacity and diversion status, locations of alternative medical sites, state-wide declarations, testing kit quantities, and protective equipment availability at a local level.

Using the power of NVIDIA GPUs and Kinetica Active Analytics to speed analysis, our customers are able to scale to accommodate massive and growing streaming and static data sets from more than 30 different government, public health, and private sector sources, and to support robust concurrent useage so entire response teams have access. Learn More.



Stream inventory data and restock automatically, from medical supplies to emergency equipment, consumer goods to food supplies, sending inventory where it’s needed most.

Combine and analyze current supply chain data to fill in the gaps before customers ever see any.

Enable simultaneous ingest and analysis of relevant fast-moving streaming data sources, from sensors to personnel, weather, traffic, and more.

View and track deliveries in real time to provide shorter delivery windows and give customers the certainty they seek.

Leverage geospatial capabilities to visualize your fleet in real time and identify and act on efficiencies as they present themselves. Learn More.

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