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Proactive Cybersecurity with Kinetica

Cyber attacks are increasing in speed and sophistication, challenging organizations to become proactive, rather than reactive, in their response to an evolving threat environment. 

Cybersecurity in particular calls for a shift from passive to active analytical techniques, given the need to ingest high-velocity network data and simultaneously analyze the data to uncover connections and identify anomalies. Organizations that leverage active analytics are uniquely situated to process fast-moving streaming data in real time and predict malicious activities, proactively preventing attacks before it’s too late. 

Our recent demo, Accelerated Data Science for Botnet Detection and Enhanced Cybersecurity, showcases Kinetica’s native data science capabilities and illustrates how public and private sector organizations can leverage active analytics for cybersecurity preventive measures. By deploying a machine learning model continuously against high-volume, streaming network data, Kinetica makes it possible to identify network detections as malicious or benign on the fly–and respond appropriately. 

Andrew Wooler, Business Development, Kinetica

MIT Technology Review

Making Sense of Sensor Data

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