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Kinetica & Disaster Tech Launch Platform for Data-Driven COVID-19 Emergency Response

Kinetica and Disaster Tech launched the COVID-19 Real-time Crisis Management Platform today, which can combine and track crucial COVID-19 emergency response data, like hospital capacity, alternative medical sites, testing kit quantities, and protective equipment availability–all accessible in real time so that emergency responders can make data-driven decisions when they matter most. 

Disaster Tech CEO Sean Griffin, former Director for Incident Management Integration Policy at the White House National Security Council (NSC) for President Obama and President Trump, joined FOX KTVU 2 News yesterday to explain how technology can coordinate data-driven emergency response efforts to COVID-19 that help speed our recovery and reopening. In addition to the launch of the platform, Disaster Tech has partnered with World Hope on Get Support, an initiative to offer additional resources directly to individuals who need help in this crisis, and Kinetica is contributing to the World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform as a member of the Forum’s Global Innovators Network.

The platform is available as a public service so public health and emergency management agencies can get immediate access. 

Whether a pandemic or not, emergency scenarios involve huge quantities of streaming data from many different public and private sources, and a need to gain insight and react as quickly as possible. This problem sparked collaboration across the technology, public sector, and public health communities to equip emergency responders with a next-gen solution. The resulting COVID-19 Real-time Crisis Management Platform is built on Microsoft Azure, using NVIDIA GPUs to power the Kinetica platform’s instantaneous, high-fidelity visualization and location intelligence. 

To see the COVID-19 Real-Time Crisis Management Platform in action, check out the demo. 

Andrew Wooler, Business Development, Kinetica

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