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Kinetica Active Analytics Runs on NVIDIA EGX Platform

The Internet of Things (IoT) is generating an ocean of raw data at the edge, driving the potential for massive industry change through data generation. Whether it be 5G network rollout, autonomous vehicles, smart vending machines, or the proliferation of sensor data such as smart meters, motion detectors, or infrastructure monitors, the opportunity for using data to drive automated intelligence is undeniable across all industries.

However, the opportunity for smart, analytical applications that leverage AI can only be achieved with the right data infrastructure and tools needed to process demanding AI workloads at the edge and in the cloud. Additionally, the deployment and management of these tools needs to be simple and fast so organizations can focus on building intelligent applications rather than deploying infrastructure.

Enter the NVIDIA EGX platform.

NVIDIA EGX is the cloudnative, scalable, and accelerated platform that securely deploys and manages AI at the edge or in the data center with Kinetica. It’s architected to rapidly deploy Kinetica containers on Kubernetes with Helm charts. This makes it simple to deploy the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform in an automated fashion, so organizations can easily adopt our powerful GPU-accelerated data platform.

The Kinetica Active Analytics Platform, running on NVIDIA EGX, helps companies move from passive analytics — static dashboards and stale data — to active analytics — fueling smart analytical applications with live data. We do this by combining historical data analytics, streaming data analytics, location intelligence, artificial intelligence, and the on-demand GPU compute and storage for massive parallel processing. Kinetica’s container and Helm chart are available on NGC so that it can be deployed with NVIDIA EGX with a few simple commands.

To read more about NVIDIA EGX go here. You can deploy Kinetica on the EGX Platform with NGC here.

Samm DiStasio is VP of Business Development at Kinetica

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