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Kasey Johnson

HEXStream and Disaster Tech Announce New Partnership Powered by Kinetica

Big News! We’re excited to share HEXstream and Disaster Tech’s new partnership, powered by Kinetica, to help utilities make better and faster decisions for emergency planning, response, and restoration.
How does Kinetica fit into all of this? Well, Disaster Tech‘s Data-science Integrated Collaboration Environment (DICE) offers the world’s first comprehensive, end-to-end data aggregation and data science platform.  Leveraging high-speed processing technology from Kinetica, DICE provides real-time analytics and decision support for risk management, planning, and response to natural hazards, climate change, and disasters. HEXstream will use the platform and its processing power to deliver their utility support analytics solutions.
“Kinetica is proud to work with Disaster Tech and HEXstream to provide a platform for real-time analysis that can predict and respond to risks and threats to essential utility providers serving the public,” said Samm DiStasio, Kinetica’s VP of Business Development. “Utilities must be able to react to massive streaming data sets from a variety of sources, from weather satellites to network traffic, in order to keep the public connected and safe.”

Read more about the press release here.

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