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Active Analytics for a Dynamic Common Operational Picture

The public sector has long sought solutions that deliver a dynamic Common Operational Picture (COP), integrating disparate data sources to provide real-time situational awareness with relevant information on military and civilian assets. However, the prevalence of siloed analytics systems and legacy architecture not built for data at velocity and scale has frustrated efforts to provide a dynamic COP that speeds decision-making and enhances mission execution. 

In our latest demo, we discuss enabling a dynamic COP by applying a unified active analytics approach. Our example taps the power of the Kinetica platform to blend diverse global events data, identify threats in real-time, and quantify their impact on citizens and critical infrastructure. 

We analyze streaming events data from broadcast, print, and web news worldwide to pinpoint dangerous events based on negative tone criteria. By evaluating their attribution to determine their type (i.e. armed assault, hijacking) and whether the event is a threat or has been successfully carried out, we can generate proximity buffers around the event locations based on the event’s severity and calculate the threat level to critical infrastructure assets and citizens. Interconnected charts, maps, and graphs enable cross-filtering for interactive analysis. 

The Kinetica platform’s unified ability to simultaneously stream and analyze high-velocity global events data, perform instant geospatial analysis, and calculate real-time aggregations, makes active analytics uniquely capable of providing decision-makers with a truly dynamic COP. 

Andrew Wooler, Business Development, Kinetica

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